19 Wedding Ring Tattoos You'll Want to Get

Tired of the same old gold-and-diamond wedding ring? Want something unique that shows your love and is with you for life, literally?

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Step forward, wedding-ring tattoos. Not only are they a fun alternative to conventional rings, but there's plenty else going for them, too. They're cheap (compared to rings), you won't lose them, and – best of all – you can make them completely personal.

There are no limits to what kind of wedding ring tattoo design you might want, whether it's a classic look or a micro-tattoo idea that means something special to the couple involved.

This blog post will discuss the pros and cons of getting a tattoo instead of wearing an actual physical thing on your finger, and offer up some great wedding ring tattoo designs if you need some inspiration. Let's go!

Short Summary

The popularity of wedding ring tattoos on ring fingers has recently surged. These unique and "brave" designs not only splash your commitment to the world but also carry a range of connotations for couples.

One reason why wedding tattoos on the ring finger have taken off is that they're cheap. Traditional rings can be expensive – bad news if you're broke or thrifty. Most wedding ring tattoos are much easier on the purse strings, but every bit as packed with emotional punch.

Another advantage is their permanence: unlike traditional rings, which can be lost or damaged over time, a tattoo remains with you forever.

Moreover, wedding tattoo designs can easily be personalized to reflect your style and relationship. Initials? Names? Dates? Symbols? Matching tattoos? You name it – anything goes! Just ask your tattoo artist to turn your imagination into reality.

Pros And Cons of Wedding Ring Tattoo

Wedding ring tattoos provide a distinctive and everlasting alternative to traditional wedding rings. Nevertheless, like any decision, there are benefits and drawbacks to consider before going under the needle.



Wedding Ring Tattoo Ideas for Non-Traditional Couples

Wedding ring tattoos provide infinite opportunities for non-traditional couples wanting to express their love unconventionally. Choices are enormous, from simple designs to complex patterns, allowing you to demonstrate endless creativity:

1. Initial Wedding Ring Tattoo

If you're considering getting a tattoo instead of a wedding ring, one idea is to incorporate your initials into the design. Initial tattoos are simple and elegant, symbolizing your bond in an understated way.

You can get both of your initials or come up with something more creative—two letters that have meaning for the two of you.

There are many ways to do this: minimalist, elaborate (with flourishes and other elements added), or somewhere in between. Check different works of tattoo artists so you can find something you'll like!

2. Traditional Wedding Ring Tattoo

For those who love traditional wedding rings, fine-line "wedding" band tattoos give you something that looks like it's been drawn on but lasts longer. Such a romantic gesture!

These thin-lined creations look classic—perfect if you want to wear something physical and offer something else: potential personalization over time.

One line now. Another one later? Why not add more detail, turning the band into commemorative art when celebrating anniversaries?

3. Diamond Ring Tattoo

A diamond ring tattoo could be the answer for those who want to add some sparkle to their wedding ring tattoos. An ingenious twist on traditional wedding rings, it's playful and stylish – plus there's the added bling factor.

With a diamond ring tattoo, you get the best of both worlds: a permanent sign of your love but with an extra glam touch. And for even more wow, try pairing it with an actual diamond eternity band.

This double-up approach will ensure that people notice what's going on at first glance - and then do a double-take when they realize the stone is just inked onto the skin.

4. Roman Numerals Wedding Rings

Roman numeral wedding ring tattoos have long been popular due to their inherent style and timelessness - but now they've got another string in their bow: personal meaning.

Jay-Z and Beyoncé's matching IV tats (the number four in Roman numerals), which mark not only their birthdays but also 4 April as a particularly significant day for them, has helped make this trend even more compelling than before.

A Roman numeral tattoo allows you to pay tribute to your big day or other milestone event in a cool and classy fashion that won't date easily. Its simplicity adds elegance to any finger.

5. Floral And Botanical Wedding Bands

Floral and botanical wedding band tattoos offer a great option for couples who want to symbolize growth and prosperity in their relationship and the idea of starting something new.

The concept is appealing because it suggests your love will flourish like a leafy vine twining around a finger. But these designs are not just pretty — they also carry emotional weight.

6. Crown Wedding Ring Tattoos

Crown wedding ring tattoos are now popular with couples wanting to subtly convey power, authority, and loyalty alongside their commitment. They represent an elegant way to add regal sparkle to the little finger space.

Think king's crown for one partner, queen's crown for the other (though some prefer two crowns), or even initials topped with tiny hearts.

7. Meaningful Symbols Wedding Tattoos

For couples seeking wedding tattoos, the possibilities are endless for incorporating meaningful symbols that hold significance for them. These symbols can represent their love story, shared interests, or personal beliefs.

Take a simple intertwined hearts design. It perfectly symbolizes the indelible connection and deep love between two people.

Or consider something like a compass – an ideal way of expressing the journey they've embarked on together – or a tree representing growth and strength in their relationship.

Wedding tattoos offer plenty of scope for creating unique designs that capture exactly what particular aspects of their relationship mean to them.

8. Infinity Symbol Wedding Finger Tattoos

It's difficult to think of anything more fitting than an infinity symbol tattooed on your ring finger if you're after something timeless and profoundly meaningful.

The horizontal figure-of-eight-shaped infinity sign represents never-ending unity, limitless connection, everlasting love, and commitment.

Infinity symbol finger tattoos may incorporate initials and other elements, such as tiny hearts or little extras inside the loop. This could be another shape (think triangles, circles).

Black ink is popular, but there's no reason why it shouldn't be colored! As far as symbolism goes, this takes some beating – because it demonstrates foreverness so neatly.

9. Heart Tattoo on Ring Finger

Couples who wish to express their love and devotion often choose a heart tattoo on the ring finger. A small or highly detailed heart is inked on the inside of the ring finger for this understated yet powerful design.

The heart signifies love, fondness, and an emotional connection between partners. It's a lasting reminder of a pair's relationship bond that can be created in whatever dimensions or style suits them.

10. Matching Half Circle Tattoo Ring

If you're looking for body artwork representing your combined identity as a duo, matching half-circle wedding band tattoos might appeal. These tats render how you and your spouse "complete" each other with delicate dots that represent your missing piece.

Romantic much? But here's what makes these bands even cooler. They are the first ink ever shared by the couple getting hitched. That bonding experience takes something already meaningful (a wedding band) up several notches.

11. Wedding Date Tattoo Rings

Popular with couples is the wedding ring tattoo selection. Tattooing your wedding date on your ring finger is a common choice, offering an everlasting reminder of when you got married and giving you no chance of forgetting your anniversary.

The classic design doesn't come as straightforward: have your wedding date inked onto the same finger you would normally wear a metal band.

12. Bow Tie Engagement Ring Tattoo

Whether done in a small and delicate font or a complicated script, this tattoo celebrates one of the most important days of any person's life by permanently marking it into their skin.

Its meaning couldn't be clearer – by having their wedding day etched onto their hand, someone is declaring to themselves and anyone else that they are taken.

13. Mr And Mrs Couple Tattoos

Looking for a unique way to express your affection as a couple? If you are, then Mr and Mrs tattoos will be ideal. These tattoos represent your promise to each other and keep reminding you of your devotion.

The designs can change considerably: couples may prefer "Mr" and "Mrs," or have their partner's first name inked, or choose matching symbols with special significance.

Be it something small or ornate, Mr and Mrs tattoos will remind the world at large eternally of how much you two care.

14. Secret Message Wedding Band Tattoo

Another fascinating trend in wedding tattoo rings that's currently bubbling is secret messages. Intricate designs encourage couples to pick a pattern that speaks volumes about their love and contains hidden meanings – literally – within itself.

Using unique fonts or languages, they might inscribe phrases such as "Forever Yours" or "Love Always." Better yet, what if these lovebirds included some Morse or Binary codes?

These covert messages help deepen a significant marital bond by allowing each partner in on the secrecy together.

15. Matching Three Dot Wedding Ring Tattoos

Matching three-dot wedding ring tattoos have gained popularity among couples due to their deep meaning. A lot can be represented by the three dots, with a common interpretation of past, present, and future being key among them. It's all about never-ending love and commitment.

Another thing that the three dots can symbolize is an ellipsis, which means that your journey as a couple will always move forward – there is more of your story to come, and you're thrilled to see what happens next.

These tattoo designs are high in emotional value when inked on your ring finger – they remind you constantly that you share an irreplaceable bond with your partner, no matter where you are or what you're doing.

16. Celtic Knot Traditional Ring Tattoo

Celtic knot traditional ring tattoos are popular for those who want highly detailed yet meaningful designs within their wedding ring tattoos. The Celtic knot has various interpretations, but at its core, it stands for eternal love, unity, and the life cycle.

Often involving delicate lines and intricate details, these tattoos look beautiful and timeless – matched or not. They can be customized by adding initials or other symbols.

Celebrate your bond with this design while embracing the rich symbolism attached to Celtic culture.

17. Matching Arrow Wedding Ring Tattoos

Matching arrow wedding ring tattoos have become increasingly popular for couples to commemorate their unwavering love and commitment.

The design, which incorporates an arrow, is said to embody direction, protection, and strength in relationships. When tattooed onto the ring finger, such designs are a permanent reminder of the couple's journey together.

The arrows can be designed to point at each other – symbolizing unity and connection between partners. Some people augment them with additional elements, such as initials or dates, for added personalization.

18. Heart And Initial Wedding Ring Tattoo

A combination of a heart and initials is one enduringly popular example of a wedding ring tattoo design. It is simple yet meaningful: the heart represents love; the initials are either those of both parties’ first names or their shared surname.

The fact that these tattoos sit on fingers that sport traditional metal bands only serves to emphasize what they stand for - lifelong devotion.

19. Triple Arrows Traditional Band Tattoo

If you're looking for a wedding ring tattoo that's both stylish and meaningful, it's time to consider the Triple Arrows Traditional Band Tattoo.

A circle made up of three arrows, this design symbolizes unity, strength, and direction – everything you'll need as a team. Each arrow represents half of the partnership and what it brings to it. Together, they signify movement in their chosen path.

The arrows can be configured with intricate detailing and personalized using different hues or patterns. Visually attractive, certainly, but also deep in symbolism – which is why couples opt for this tattoo to showcase their devotion and shared journey.


Wedding jewelry is seeing a new trend: people refuse traditional rings in favor of wedding ring tattoos. These inked designs are unique and personal, offering an affordable and permanent way to celebrate love.

From classic bands to complicated patterns, the possibilities for creating a custom tattoo that represents your relationship—and style—are endless.

There's something romantic about wearing your commitment to your body forever. With a wedding ring tattoo, losing or damaging it is unlikely. Whether you opt for initials, symbols, or matching designs, these tats will forever pay homage to your eternal bond.

So wave goodbye to conventional bands and say hello to one unforgettable ring upgrade!

Frequently Asked Question

How Painful Is a Ring Finger Tattoo?

Tattoo pain levels can differ from person to person. Still, generally speaking, a ring finger tattoo is considered more painful than other areas of the body because the skin is thinner and closer to the bone.

What Does a Tattoo on the Ring Finger Mean?

A tattoo on the ring finger often signifies commitment, love, and unity between partners. It's a permanent reminder of their dedication to each other.

Do Ring Finger Tattoos Last?

Looked after properly, a ring finger tattoo should last as long as you do. But with prolonged sun exposure or certain skin types might fade over time.

What Tattoo Should I Get on My Ring Finger?

When thinking about what kind of design you want for your ring finger tattoo, pick something that truly means something to both of you. Popular choices include initials, names, or symbols such as hearts or infinity signs – personalize it depending on what works best for your relationship story.