20+ Theme Wedding Ideas for Your Big Day

Planning your wedding day can be stressful, but one way to make it extra special is by choosing a theme that suits you both perfectly.

With so many options available, picking one can feel overwhelming. Do you go for something traditional, like vintage or rustic, or welcome a newer trend, such as celestial or boho-chic?

Fear not! We've come up with lots of unique ideas for creative themes that will hopefully inspire you when it comes time to say "I do."

Get ready to engage yourself in a world of elegance, romance, and fun as we explore some enchanting wedding themes – helping turn ideas and dreams into reality.

Young bride and groom having a beach wedding
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Short Summary

Why Is Choosing a Wedding Theme Important?

Beautiful bride and groom having a beach wedding
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Deciding on a wedding theme is a big deal because it sets the tone and vibe for your party, showing off your personalities as a duo. When well executed, everything feels right at a themed celebration – from the stationery to the flowers to the dessert table – and guests soak up the experience as much as you do.

It influences significant aspects such as venue choice, how you'll decorate, and even what your bridal party might wear in terms of colors or style.

For example? If yours is a beach fête, expect to find pretty shells worked into floral arrangements, waiters serving tropical cocktails garnished with mini paper umbrellas, and bridesmaids in floaty frocks rather than full-length formal gowns.

But beyond looking good (although that certainly counts for something), there's also this. A theme adds another layer of significance to any event.

Whether based on shared interests, cultural heritage, or just aesthetics you both adore, having one will make your day feel more personal – which guests are bound to appreciate long after the last call, too!

Also worth noting: it can be easier to decide on specific decorations and other elements when there's an overall focus guiding your choices.

However, don't forget that at its heart, choosing a wedding theme isn't only about how things will look. It's about creating an environment that reflects who you are together.

Now that the importance of selecting a wedding theme is clear, let's dive into some creative and popular wedding themes:

1. Rustic Wedding Theme

White flowers in a bucket, water bottles and candles on a table decorated with leaves
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Embrace the beauty of nature with a rustic wedding! Think about holding it at a barn, farm or vineyard and using elements such as wooden touches, burlap runners and mason jars filled with wildflowers in your wedding decor.

Stick to earthy tones like brown, green, and cream for your color scheme. As for food, think comfort! Barbecue or dishes made from ingredients sourced from area farms are both delicious options. And instead of having a traditional wedding cake, why not treat guests to homemade pies?

Ask invitees to dress casually–and consider providing outdoor diversions such as lawn games. They're a great way to get everyone mingling.

Bonus if you can arrange for there to be s'mores at nightfall, too. Who doesn't love an elegant bash under the stars where Mother Nature does all the talking?

2. Vintage Wedding Theme

White old bottles with beige flowers stand before wooden
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Transport your guests to another era with a vintage wedding theme. Look for a location with historic appeal, or bring in retro charm via antique furnishings, lace cloths atop the tables, old-fashioned signage, and other touches.

Draw inspiration from across the decades. Think centerpieces worthy of The Great Gatsby's soirees or paper goods with Victorian vibes (cue: lots of flourishes). Guests might sport vintage duds themselves—or put modern attire in conversation with bygone accessories.

For music and dancing, how about a swing band? Or tap into curated playlists featuring hits from the 1920s through the '60s for your DJ.

Make this timeless wedding theme personal! Display family heirlooms alongside flea market find for instant ambiance and conversation starters galore.

3. Bohemian Wedding Theme

Natural decorations with flowers of wedding ceremony arch outdoors
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Welcome the free-spirited vibes and diverse style of a Bohemian theme for your wedding. Select an outdoor location such as a beach, woodland, or desert oasis and adorn it with vibrant rugs, tapestries, and dreamcatchers.

Ask guests to wear whatever they feel comfortable in; flowing dresses, flower crowns, and sandals will contribute to the whimsical atmosphere.

Integrate natural materials like feathers, succulents, and wildflowers into displays around the space you've chosen. For food, consider stalls serving cuisine from around the world or a buffet that incorporates lots of different flavors and textures.

To create precisely the right atmosphere for this type of celebration, hire live acoustic musicians or a DJ who specializes in indie folk music – or curate your own playlist!

4. Romantic Wedding Theme

Beautiful flower arrangement for wedding
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Create an otherworldly event with a romantic wedding. Select a location with muted lighting and dainty embellishments—think a historic home or garden covered in twinkling bulbs.

Stick to blush pink, ivory, and gold decor to cast an ethereal glow. Romantic touches such as flower-filled arches, tables lit by votive candles, and billowing curtains can help set the mood, too.

Go for classic attire (think lace details and frothy tulle skirts) for both garments and accessories like veils and shoes.

Having live musicians perform classical songs or even just having a strings-only orchestra play can up the romance factor as well.

5. Beach Wedding Theme

Beautiful bride and groom having their wedding with guests on a beach
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Celebrate your affection with a charming seafront wedding. Pick a sandy coast for exchanging vows, then dress it up using bamboo archways, exotic blooms, and seashell motifs. Stick to beachy shades like aqua, beige, and coral when choosing your palette.

Make sure everything stays laid-back by suggesting guests wear lightweight fabrics and skip shoes (or opt for chic barefoot sandals). Offer guests seafood canapés alongside fabulous cocktails – both will go down a treat in this setting.

For comfort, provide shade: think of beach umbrellas or, even better, a canopy. Finally? Let nature do its thing. After all, what could be more romantic than hearing waves crash as you say "I do"?

6. Enchanted Forest Theme

Bridemaids with bouquets high
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Transport yourself and your guests to a land of make-believe with a magical woodland wedding.

Find a venue that fits the bill – think forest clearing or a grand hall with trees. Then decorate it to look like an enchanted wood, with sparkling fairy lights, mossy foliage, and maybe even some trees!

Choose emerald green, rich burgundy, and ivory as your color scheme for an earthy feel. For centerpieces, how about birdcages overflowing with blooms?

Hang chandeliers dripping in crystals from branches overhead and use wooden signs to direct folk around (look out for gnomes!). Keep loved ones entertained by organizing nature walks or a scavenger hunt.

7. Glamorous Wedding

Front view happy married couple loving man and woman cutting big white cake on wedding ceremony at night Standing near welldecorated luxury altar with flowers and sparklers Special event
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Glamorous weddings are like stepping into a high-society gala scene, full of luxury and elegance. Picture yourself at an event where everything glitters: think sparkling chandeliers, rich, decadent décor, and a touch of old-school Hollywood romance.

A glamorous wedding has depth and warmth, too—with pops of color amid all that shine—making it ultra-luxe. Guests here dress fancy-pants style while they sip custom cocktails beneath dimmed ambient lights (so flattering!).

Make a splash with big statements such as lush floral arrangements everywhere or over-the-top table settings.

Bonus points for velvet textures incorporated throughout the space or personalized lighting details that transform the room—for just one night—into something akin to a starlet's dream home.

8. Classic Wedding Theme

A beautiful young man wearing a black suit standing along with his bride
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A classic wedding theme creates an atmosphere of timeless sophistication by combining simplicity and heritage. Neutrals such as ivory, beige, and blush prevail in this type of celebration, contributing to an overall feeling of refined elegance.

When it comes to flowers, think about delicate arrangements made from peonies or roses. Venues like stately homes or grand hotel reception rooms work beautifully with this look, as they have their own graceful ambiance.

With a classic wedding, it's about quality, not quantity. So opt for fine rather than flashy tableware, beautiful linens without masses of garish bows and ribbons, and a string quartet over a steel band.

The goal is to create an event that feels significant both because it happens only once in a lifetime – but also because it reflects the couple so well.

9. Alternative Wedding Theme

Bottom view of modern newlyweds
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For the couple who want to do something different, an alternative wedding could be perfect. This theme lets you break away from the usual and celebrate your individuality.

You can go for a quirky enchanted forest feel, make it dark and gothic – or mix anything you like together!

When picking a location, think beyond the typical wedding reception spaces: how about art galleries, city center roof terraces, or even a big circus top?

From fabulous invites to outfits that will raise eyebrows in the best possible way, everything should scream "us." The great thing about this theme is there are no rules: let your imagination loose and enjoy creating a day that's completely one-off.

10. Royal Wedding

Young royal couple getting married
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Step into a world where luxury meets tradition, and every detail speaks of elegance fit for a king and queen. A royal wedding theme means having a celebration with majestic flair, using deep blues, gold, and rich purples in your color palette.

Hold the event at a castle or stately home to amp up the regal ambiance. Think of grand invitations that make guests say "wow" upon receiving them.

Classical music is playing softly in the background, a cake that's several tiers high (and probably very expensive), and men looking dapper in tails.

If you're going for sophistication in your wedding dress code as well as atmosphere – this is it! Flowers should be nothing short of spectacular. Expect to see lots roses and peonies among other blooms.

And why not arrive by horse-drawn carriage too? After all, if you can't do it on your wedding day, when can you?!

11. Tropical Wedding Theme

Men, beers, cheers
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Imagine exchanging vows beneath a lush canopy of green leaves and brightly colored blooms, with ocean waves providing a soothing soundtrack.

That's the feeling a tropical wedding theme can bring—like paradise has been relocated for your special day. Use exotic flowers such as orchids or hibiscus to add splashes of color. Consider using palm fronds in your décor for a lush look.

Outdoor locations like beaches or botanical gardens suit this theme naturally. Offer cocktails made with fruit that's been infused into drinks.

Think about having a menu heavy on seafood to further bolster the tropical atmosphere. Lighter fabrics and clothes will keep everyone comfortable if it's warm out.

12. Fairytale Fantasy Wedding

Fairy tale, disneyland, disney
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A fairytale fantasy wedding is perfect for couples who want their celebration to feel like it's taken straight from the pages of a storybook romance.

To bring this enchanting vibe to life, choose whimsical décor, such as twinkly lights, elegant floral arrangements, and soft colors like pastels that evoke an ethereal quality.

Look for a venue that could double as a castle or enchanted forest—it sets the stage nicely for your own "happily ever after."

You can also incorporate elements from beloved fairytales throughout your special day—in subtle ways—such as through your invitation suite design, cake decorations, or ceremony backdrop.

When it comes to fashion, think about how characters in these fables might dress. You've got plenty of options since there are so many classic stories out there!

13. Travel Destination Wedding Theme

Young beautiful newlyweds smiling, choosing honeymoon trip, looking at map.
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Undertake a love-filled journey with a travel-themed wedding, perfect for couples bitten by the wanderlust bug. This theme allows you to weave elements of your adventures together, creating a unique tapestry that tells your love story.

Use vintage suitcases, globes, and maps as decor to evoke a sense of adventure. Table names can be destinations you've visited or dream of exploring together. Boarding pass invitations and a globe guest book encourage guests to share in your journey.

Opt for a venue that reflects your favorite destination – whether that's a vineyard reminding you of Tuscany or a beachfront echoing Bali – so guests feel like they're being transported around the world with you!

14. Modern Minimalism Wedding

Wedding rings lie on green grass in white box
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For those who appreciate simplicity, a modern minimalist wedding theme emphasizes clean lines, refined luxury, and a monochromatic palette.

This modern wedding theme demonstrates that you can achieve beauty with less decoration, drawing attention instead to the splendor in your venue as well as the bond you're forging there.

Consider decor that is sleek and uncluttered but still rich in quality materials such as marble, glass, or polished metals. Make an impact with floral arrangements made from just one type of bloom in one color.

Architecturally attractive spaces or those with urban chic appeal provide ideal backdrops for this wedding style. Think about adopting the "less is more" concept throughout your celebration for a stylish event that will stand the test of time – from your dress all the way down to details like invitations!

15. Great Gatsby Wedding Theme

date carousel woman lover park
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Transport yourself and your guests to the 1920s with a Great Gatsby-inspired wedding! Think extravagant, lavish, and unforgettable – just like Jay Gatsby himself. This theme revolves around the glitz and glamour of an era known for jazz music, flapper dresses, and Art Deco décor.

To capture the essence of this time period, incorporate metallics, feathers and pearls into your decorations. Venues such as historic mansions or ballrooms with intricate architectural details will help set the scene perfectly.

Encourage your guests to dress in clothing from that era. To keep things lively on the dance floor, hire a live jazz band – perhaps one that can play contemporary songs in this style, too.

A grand entrance, cigar bar (for guests who'd like to try them!), and signature cocktails are all worth considering if you want your celebration to evoke Jay Gatsby himself.

16. Winter Wonderland Wedding

Skin fun snowboard lace forest
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A winter wonderland wedding takes the cold weather and turns it into something special for your ceremony: an enchanting background of ice and snow behind your vows.

Think about colors like icy blue, crisp white, and sparkling silver to bring the beauty of snowy landscapes inside—even using lights that are soft and glowing along with touches of crystal here and there so it looks like frost or snowflakes are sparkling in the room.

To embrace the season, bridesmaids can wrap up in faux-fur stoles. Boutonnieres for groomsmen could be made from pinecones. And who wouldn't love a hot chocolate bar?

Suppose you can find a venue with a big fireplace that feels wintery but warm, too, all the better. The goal is to have things look serene—yet still have lots of twinkle!

17. Nautical Nuptials

Couple kissing in the seaport
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Set sail on the seas of matrimony with a nautical wedding theme! Perfect for ocean lovers, this motif incorporates shades of blue, clean white accents, and maritime patterns like stripes or ropes.

Consider place settings adorned with anchors or boat motifs. For food, serve up delicious seafood dishes. To really make a splash, why not arrive—or depart—via boat?

Whether you pick a beach location, yacht club, or lakeside pier, saying "I do" beside the water complements your theme naturally. After all, what could be more timeless than celebrating love's journey at an event influenced by the sea?

18. Romantic Renaissance Wedding Theme

The wedding ceremony of a beautiful couple in the forest.
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Come to a place where love, beauty, and art are all! A Romantic Renaissance wedding theme draws its influence from historical art, literature, and architecture. Think rich velvets, gold embellishments, and classical statues everywhere you look.

Scroll invitations set the scene for an event adorned with lush drapes, candlelight, and live classical music playing as guests enter (they'll feel like they've time-traveled).

Flowers will be dramatic: picture abundant blooms in deep reds, purples, and greens arranged at every turn. This is your chance to create not just pretty visuals but also an atmosphere that moves people. Grand emotions meet grand surroundings!

19. Vineyard Romance Wedding

Full shot happy couple dancing
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Vineyard romance is one of the most popular wedding party themes for couples who love rustic charm and beautiful vineyards with hillsides and views. They may even get married as the sun sets over rows of grapes.

Use materials like wood and stone for table settings or centerpieces made from wine barrels. Decorate with wreaths made from vines or empty bottles (try using these as vases, too).

For genuine authenticity, include elements such as these throughout your celebration! To really make guests' mouths water, why not serve dishes crafted from locally grown produce alongside wines made down the road?

By choosing simple yet elegant touches inspired by their surroundings, brides can create an atmosphere that feels warm and inviting – a place where nature meets romance head-on.

20. Parisian Chic Theme Wedding

groom and bride in a hotel
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Celebrate love in one of the most romantic cities in the world with a Parisian Chic Theme Wedding. This style is about elegant glamor, taking classic French design and giving it a modern twist.

Picture a color palette of black, white, and blush pink – with gold accents. Think of iconic Parisian symbols like the Eiffel Towers, vintage postcards from France, or decorations inspired by high-end fashion.

Venues with beautiful architecture work well for this theme – as do outdoor spaces that remind you of Parisian parks.

To complete the experience for your guests, serve gourmet French food (and maybe some delicious pastries, too). A wedding like this promises to be both classy and unforgettably romantic!

21. Botanical Wedding Theme

Beautiful bridesmaids in pretty dresses outdoors
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A botanical wedding theme is for couples who want a nature-inspired celebration with lots of plants and greenery. It's great if you love the outdoors and want to bring elements from outside into your big day.

Choose greens, whites, and earthy tones as your color palette, and include botanical patterns on things like invites, table decorations, or even the cake.

Venues such as greenhouses, botanical gardens or anywhere with beautiful outdoor space will work brilliantly with this theme – think along the lines of having natural backdrops like trees or flowers in bloom if possible!

You could also look at eco-friendly practices or sustainable options as part of your wedding planning. It's all about showing love for each other while celebrating in harmony with nature.


As you begin the process of planning your dream wedding, remember that the theme you choose will set the mood for everyone in attendance.

Whether you opt for something classic and refined or offbeat and whimsical, every detail should contribute to an overall vibe—one that encourages love and creates joyful moments.

When selecting a theme, stay true to yourselves as individuals and as a duo. Let it reflect your essence. Allow your imaginations to run wild; embrace your sentimental sides.

And above all else, have fun with this—it's an opportunity few couples get. Here's to love and to a fantastic celebration of it (plus all the fab memories that follow). Cheers!

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Wedding Theme May Be Best for You?

The perfect wedding theme is one that reflects the personalities and preferences of both partners. Consider aspects like shared hobbies, cultural heritage or any other interest when choosing a motif.

How Can I Pick My Wedding Theme?

Consider your personal style along with factors such as the season, venue and favorite colors when planning your celebration. Look into different motifs online and think about how all the elements would work together.

What's the Difference Between a Motif And a Theme for Weddings?

In terms of weddings, think of a motif as a design "element" that repeats itself throughout an event. Meanwhile, the overall concept/style is what we refer to as the "theme."

Do You Need to Have a Theme for Your Wedding?

Having a wedding theme can add cohesion and personalization to your special day. It helps guide decisions regarding decor, attire, and more, creating a unified look and feel that reflects you as a couple. Plus, themed celebrations are often more memorable—not to mention unique!