Gift for the Groomsmen: 83 Thoughtful Ideas for Every Wedding Style

As the big day (wedding day) approached, I lost myself in endless details, from the venue to the guest list. But one thing unexpectedly stumped me: choosing the perfect gifts for my groomsmen. These guys had been my rocks—supporting me through late-night wedding planning sessions and calming my pre-wedding jitters. I wanted to give them something that said more than "thanks." I wanted each gift to reflect my genuine appreciation and the unique bond I shared with them.

But as I scoured countless websites and stores, nothing seemed quite right. I was looking for meaningful and memorable gifts yet practical enough for them to appreciate and use. That's when I realized the true challenge of expressing heartfelt gratitude in just one gift—a challenge many grooms face but rarely discuss.

And yet, what could possibly be a great groomsmen gift?

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Short Summary

Traditional Vs. Modern Groomsmen Gift Ideas

Traditional Groomsmen Gifts: Classic items like engraved watches or cufflinks add a touch of class and style. Leather Dopp kits are also popular as they're both practical and fashionable, making them a good choice for frequent travelers.

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Modern Groomsmen Gifts: For something different, consider gifts based on experiences, like adventure trips, destination weddings, or fine dining. These gifts create lasting memories rather than providing just an object. Practical, stylish items like personalized umbrellas add a modern twist while remaining functional.

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The primary difference between traditional and modern groomsmen gifts is their practicality and personal touch. Traditional gifts often have a classic charm, adding elegance or style to everyday life. In contrast, modern gifts cater to today's interests and tech trends, providing unique experiences or making daily tasks easier. When deciding between the two, consider what your groomsmen need now and will appreciate in the long run. Think about their likes and dislikes to pick thoughtful and practical gifts.

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Personalized Groomsmen Gifts That Make a Statement

Engraved Watches

An engraved watch blends practicality with a personal touch, making it a standout choice. Whether it's a sleek leather band or a distinctive wooden design, you can add initials or a meaningful message to make this timeless gift unique. The custom engraving transforms a simple watch into a lasting keepsake to celebrate the big day.

Monogrammed Wallets

A leather wallet, customized with initials or a name, serves as a daily token of your appreciation. High-quality leather ensures longevity, while the engraved details make it stylish and practical.

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Bespoke Apparel

Custom-made shirts or jackets tailored to your groomsmen's tastes and measurements help them feel appreciated. With bespoke pieces, each groomsman gets a personal and timeless gift.

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Best Groomsmen Gifts By Personality Type

Tech Enthusiasts

Give your tech enthusiast groomsmen personalized tech gear like

Engraved power banks or

Bluetooth speakers to impress them.

Or, choose a custom leather notebook with gold-gilded pages to jot down their tech ideas.

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Sports Fans

Stadium seat cufflinks or

Personalized beer koozies can help them keep their drinks cold while rooting for their favorite team. Adding their name makes it easier to personalize.

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A surplus kit with adventure gear or mementos is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts. Personalization adds a unique, thoughtful touch.

Unique And Fun Gifts for Groomsmen

Customized Novelty Items

Customized novelty gifts reflect your groomsmen's unique personalities or interests, bringing joy and humor to them.

Imagine gifting custom action figures that look like each groomsman or

Personalized superhero capes for comic book enthusiasts.

You can even make bobbleheads of the wedding party, capturing each member's quirks.

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These playful gifts add a creative, personal touch that reminds your groomsmen of their special role in your life while creating lasting keepsakes they'll treasure.

Subscription Boxes Tailored to Their Hobbies

Subscription boxes offer a recurring gift that keeps the fun going beyond the wedding day. These boxes can cater to each groomsman's unique interests, like

Book club subscriptions, craft beer deliveries, or

Fishing tackle and model-building kits.

You can even surprise them with hot sauce samples for adventurous palates. With countless options, these boxes deliver ongoing excitement and enjoyment, reminding your friends of your thoughtfulness every month.

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Artistic Workshops And Experiences

Foster your groomsmen's creativity with a gift of artistic workshops or experiences.

Pottery classes let them mold their own creations,

Photography workshops teach them to capture moments beautifully and

Painting sessions help them unleash their inner artist.

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Personalized Health And Fitness Plans

Show your groomsmen you care about their well-being by gifting personalized health and fitness plans.

Arrange sessions with a personal trainer or nutritionist, or

Book them for a yoga retreat where they can recharge and find peace.

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Rare And Vintage Collectibles

Rare and vintage collectibles make a thoughtful gift for groomsmen who appreciate history and rarity. Whether it's

A first-edition book,

Vintage sports memorabilia,

Antique maps, or

Classic vinyl records.

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These gifts reflect a personal touch. Carefully selected items tailored to each groomsman's tastes convey your appreciation meaningfully. Their historical significance and distinct charm will appeal to collectors and hobbyists, creating a lasting impression that goes beyond the traditional groomsmen gift.

Unique Gifts for Groomsmen From the Bride

Themed Sets

A sampler cigar set with different cigars and a cutter lets your groomsmen relax in style.

A set of custom beer mugs adds fun and personalization to any celebration.

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Unique Accessories

Engraved compasses symbolize guidance while matching sunglasses offer a playful and practical gift to make them smile.

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Custom Vinyl Records

Personalized vinyl records with favorite songs bring nostalgia and blend music with memories, creating a timeless keepsake.

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Budget-Friendly Groomsmen Gift Ideas

Finding budget-friendly yet thoughtful groomsmen gifts is doable if you shop smartly. For under $50, you can get

Engraved keychains,

Multi-purpose tools, or

Themed socks that align with each groom's style.

Personalized flasks, bottle openers, or pocket knives add practicality to cool groomsmen gifts and a personal touch.

Sports gear or

Bar accessories also make unique conversation pieces while staying within budget.

Tailor the gift to their hobbies, showing appreciation without stretching your wallet too much. It's all about thoughtful selection and creativity.

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Luxury Groomsmen Gifts for Upscale Weddings

Upscale weddings deserve thoughtful groomsmen gifts that show appreciation and style. For instance,

Designer cufflinks, known for their elegance, are a sophisticated choice.

In addition to cuff links, a bespoke suit combines luxury and practicality,

while exclusive whiskey decanters add a refined touch to any bar.

When picking gifts, consider each groomsman's personality. For example, adventurous types might like

A high-quality leather Dopp kit, both practical and stylish.

Meanwhile, a men's club membership offers unique experiences for those who value camaraderie.

Personalized engravings on wallets or leather jackets can make these gifts truly memorable.

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DIY Groomsmen Gifts for a Personal Touch

Creating DIY groomsmen gifts adds a personal touch to wedding festivities and makes your friends feel special. For instance,

Personalized photo albums capture shared memories, giving your groomsmen a keepsake of the journey.

Homebrew or whiskey-making kits are ideal for those who love handcrafted drinks because they provide everything needed to brew beer or infuse whiskey, making them interactive and satisfying.

Likewise, for food lovers, gourmet snack sets with custom labels and packaging can be memorable gifts. To add flair, include:

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Eco-Friendly And Sustainable Groomsmen Gifts

Personalized Wooden Gifts

Sustainable wooden items like bar sets or flasks add a personal touch.

Autumn Woods Collective, for example, produces handcrafted flasks and bottle openers using sustainably sourced wood. Additionally, they plant a tree for each item sold.

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Adoption Kits

Symbolic adoption kits for endangered species, available through organizations like the National Wildlife Federation, support conservation. They include certificates and adorable plush animals, adding a meaningful yet fun element to your gift.

Eco-Friendly Apparel

Corkor makes vegan wallets from cork leather, which is harvested without damaging trees. This supports sustainable practices and offers an earth-friendly fashion statement.


A National Parks Pass encourages outdoor adventure while aiding conservation efforts.

Local nature center memberships can benefit eco-conscious groomsmen looking to connect with nature.

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How to Choose the Best Gift for Your Groomsmen

When picking a gift for your groomsmen, first think about their interests, hobbies, and the memories you share. Next, reflect on what would stand out to them. Practical gifts like

High-quality duffle bags or

Versatile chef's knives can serve daily purposes while reminding them of your special day.

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Moreover, consider personalized gifts like

Monogrammed flasks to add a unique touch to your bachelor party.

If your friends enjoy cocktails, try specialty

Barware sets or fun cocktail kits.

Finally, for the jokesters, custom bobbleheads can add humor and charm to your gathering.

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Whatever you choose, ensure it's something your groomsmen will cherish and find useful for years.

Practical Gifts for the Groomsmen That They'll Actually Use

Beard grooming kits with balms, oils, and combs offer everything needed for a well-groomed look.

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Customized sets, often personalized with a monogram or engraving, bring an extra touch of thoughtfulness. They show you've carefully considered what your groomsmen would find useful.

These stylish and practical leather or canvas toiletry bags are great for organizing grooming essentials.

Their hanging designs fit well in any bathroom. Adding your groomsmen's initials makes the gift personal and unique.

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Compact and versatile multitools include essentials like scissors, screwdrivers, and bottle openers.

Their engraved designs make them distinctive, and their functionality ensures they'll become a trusty everyday companion.

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Trendy Groomsmen Gifts to Impress the Wedding Party

Cocktail kits with unique spirits like mezcal, gin, or rum are perfect for groomsmen who love exploring new and exciting flavors.

These kits encourage them to experiment with different ingredients and craft signature drinks that reflect their personal tastes. Including artisanal bitters, custom syrups, and unique garnishes can transform this into an interactive and enjoyable hobby, providing them with a creative outlet that's both fun and satisfying.

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Virtual Experiences

In today's connected world, virtual experiences like whiskey tastings and

Mixology classes are fantastic ways for groomsmen to bond, even if they're miles apart.

These sessions allow them to learn from experts, share experiences, and laugh virtually. It's an innovative way to celebrate together, offering a memorable experience that's both educational and entertaining.

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High-Tech Gadgets

For the tech enthusiasts in your wedding party, consider high-tech gadgets like

Wireless earbuds, and

Fitness trackers.

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Gifts for the Groomsmen From the Bride: Meaningful And Memorable

Travel Journals: Personalized journals with inside jokes and shared a few stories will be perfect if your group enjoys adventures together. Add extra pages for future trips.

Photo Books: Create a photo album with unforgettable snapshots. Include captions that recall key events and evoke shared laughter.

Custom Artwork: Commission unique art reflecting inside jokes or memories for a personal touch.

Personalized Glassware: Monogrammed whiskey glasses or beer mugs combine style and function.

Experience Gifts: Plan a memorable outing like a brewery tour or fishing trip.

Cufflinks or Tie Clips: Accessories like monogrammed cufflinks or tie clips add flair to any suit.

Personalized Music Experiences for Audiophiles: Create playlists of their favorite songs or curate a collection of vinyl records that speaks to their musical tastes, giving them a thoughtful gift they'll play repeatedly.

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Best Groomsmen Gift Ideas Based on the Wedding Theme

When choosing groomsmen gifts that match the wedding theme, first, think of the style of the event. For a wedding weekend, for instance, rustic weddings often work well with

Leather journals or

Handmade wooden signs offer a nostalgic touch.

Similarly, beach weddings might inspire

Custom flip-flops or

Engraved sunglasses that reflect a laid-back coastal vibe.

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Meanwhile, vintage weddings are perfect for

Pocket watches or

Classic cufflinks give a nod to the past.

Finally, modern celebrations call for tech gadgets like

Smartwatches or

High-quality earbuds that combine style and function.

Cultural And Regional Groomsmen Gift Traditions

Understanding local customs and values can make a world of difference regarding groomsmen's gifts. For instance, practical gifts like

Cufflinks and flasks are popular choices in Europe. Often monogrammed or engraved for a personal touch, these gifts add sophistication to any wardrobe. Moreover, they symbolize elegance and utility while honoring the recipients' support.

Meanwhile, across Asia, groomsmen's gifts carry symbolic meanings rooted in culture.

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Silk ties, often in auspicious colors, convey wishes of luck and prosperity.

In some regions, money-filled red envelopes (hongbao) are presented to convey blessings of fortune.

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These traditions blend practicality with thoughtful wishes, embodying the spirit of celebration.

Similarly, in Indian weddings, it is customary to gift

Gold jewelry to the best man.

Gold represents wealth, prosperity, and cultural significance, making it a fitting gift to acknowledge a close friend or relative's pivotal role in the ceremony. Often passed down through generations, these pieces hold sentimental value.

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Groomsmen Gift Quiz: Find the Perfect Gift for Your Wedding Party

What's the overall style of your wedding?

A) Classic and traditional

B) Modern and trendy

C) Rustic or vintage

What are your groomsmen's hobbies and interests?

A) Tech and gadgets

B) Sports and fitness

C) Art, creativity, and music

Do your groomsmen prefer practical gifts or sentimental keepsakes?

A) Practical gifts they can use every day

B) Sentimental keepsakes that hold memories

C) A mix of practicality and sentimentality

Would your groomsmen appreciate personalized gifts with their names or initials?

A) Yes, they love personalized touches

B) No, they'd prefer something universal

C) It depends on the item

What kind of budget do you have in mind for groomsmen gifts?

A) Less than $50 per gift

B) $50-$100 per gift

C) More than $100 per gift

Which of these would your groomsmen appreciate the most?

A) A high-tech gadget like wireless earbuds or a power bank

B) A personalized accessory like engraved cufflinks or a monogrammed wallet

C) An experience, such as a virtual tasting class or a personalized subscription box

Do your groomsmen value sustainability and eco-friendly products?

A) Yes, they'd love sustainable gifts

B) Not particularly, but it wouldn't hurt

C) No, they're not too concerned about it


Mostly A's: Your groomsmen will love high-tech gadgets or practical items like engraved multitools, power banks, or wireless earbuds. Personalized accessories like cufflinks will also impress them.

Mostly B's: Classic gifts like engraved watches, monogrammed wallets, and personalized ties are your best bets. Incorporate shared memories to add a sentimental touch.

Mostly C's: Subscription boxes, experience gifts like virtual classes, and DIY keepsakes will provide unique experiences they'll cherish.


Finding the right groomsman gifts is important to expressing gratitude for their support. Aim for items that align with their personalities, whether they prefer traditional, high-tech, or eco-friendly options. Consider practical gadgets, bespoke apparel, or personalized keepsakes that complement your wedding theme and budget.

The best personalized groomsmen gifts that highlight their individual characteristics will show your appreciation and deepen your connection with your groomsmen. Ultimately, these meaningful gestures create memories that will be cherished long after your big day.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Best Gift for the Groomsmen?

To find the perfect groomsman gift, consider items matching their personalities. Choose personalized gadgets like engraved watches, wallets, custom monogrammed ties, and socks. The goal of a great groomsman gift is to make it personal and useful.

How Much Should I Spend on Groomsmen Gifts?

Most spend $50-$100 per groomsman, influenced by relationship and budget. Focus on quality and choose gifts that match each person's and groomsman's personality for a memorable impact.

When Should I Give Gifts to the Groomsmen?

Groomsmen gifts are typically given at the rehearsal dinner or pre-wedding celebrations, offering a relaxed way to show appreciation before the big day. Alternatively, some practical groomsmen gifts choose the wedding day itself to share these memorable gifts.