Wedding Men Suit: How to Choose the Right One?

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Are you on the hunt for a perfect wedding suit but not sure how to choose the right one? Luckily, there are so many men's wedding suits on the market, so it will be easy to find something for you. However, when you have so many to choose from, it might be more difficult than having only a few options.

In this article, we'll share with you everything you need to know about wedding suits, from understanding the differences between them to finding the one that fits your body type best.

Once you've done reading, you'll have a clear idea about your perfect wedding suit that will leave everyone around you, especially your bride, breathless!

Short Summary

What Impacts the Choice of Wedding Suits?

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Consider the location and season while choosing a wedding suit for your big day.

If your summer wedding is taking place outside in a garden or on a beach, choose breathable, cool-weather textiles like linen and cotton.

However, heavier textiles, like wool, can be more suited for an autumn or winter wedding held inside a church or hall.

Choosing the style that best fits you is the first step in selecting the ideal wedding suit. Men often dress in one of three wedding styles: lounge suits, morning coats, or tuxedos.

Every kind has a distinct appearance and feel that might influence the mood of your big day. Let's examine each kind in further depth.

When choosing the right suit for your wedding party or ceremony, keep in mind the dress code. You wouldn't want the groom to be the person not to fit the dress code of his own wedding, right?

So, when going through a wedding collection in a suit store or online, make sure you keep the dress code in mind.

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The groom needs to match the bride's colors and the colors of the wedding. However, there are suits that will go well with almost any wedding theme and wedding dress.

You will not go wrong by choosing a blue suit or a black suit. Not only are black suits classy, but you will also have a lot more to choose from.

Another thing to keep in mind when looking for wedding suits for men is your body shape. Not all wedding suits fit all men.

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For a suit to fit perfectly, it must be aligned with your style and your body shape. Once you're in the right suit, you'll know it immediately and feel ready for your wedding party!

Wedding Suit Options

There are numerous options available for you when it comes to choosing a wedding suit. If your style is a bit unique and you typically can't find clothes easily, don't worry.

There are wedding suits for all tastes and body types!

1. Tuxedo

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Tuxedos will never go out of style! They are classic and elegant and will go perfectly with a bow tie or a regular, classic tie. After all, there is a reason why tuxedos are among the most used men's wedding suits.

2. Classic Suit

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Besides tuxedos, if you like elegance, you should consider getting a classic suit in darker colors, such as black, dark blue, or dark grey.

It usually has a single-breasted jacket with notch lapels and two or three buttons and is composed of wool or a wool mix.

Typically, the pants are cuff-free and feature a straight leg. It goes well with many different kinds of shirts and ties.

3. Linen Suit

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A linen suit can be the ideal option if your wedding is taking place outside or on the beach. Lightweight linen is used to make suits that are ideal for warm weather.

Straight-leg pants and a two-button jacket with notch lapels are standard for men's wedding suits.

4. Italian Suit

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Italian suits for men include two vents, a lighter fabric, and less padding. They mostly feature a V-shape and are shorter and more form-fitting.

The waist of trousers taper, and the hips fit the body more snugly. Milanese, Neapolitan, and Roman influences define Italian wedding suits.

5. Slim Fit Suit

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The slim fit suit, as the name implies, is a style that fits the body snugly with very little extra fabric, giving the appearance of being trim and sharp.

Wedding suits with a slim fit feature smaller shoulders and are nipped in at the waist.

6. Notch Lapel Suit

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The 'notch' that forms at the angle of 75 to 90 degrees where the jacket collar meets the lapel defines the notched lapel by definition.

The most adaptable design is the notched lapel, so if you are looking for the perfect wedding suit, go with this one.

7. Tweed Suit

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Usually, tweed suits are exclusively available in the UK. Grey, brown, and tan are the standard basic colors used in herringbone or twill weaves, which are used to make the majority of tweed wedding suits for men.

Summer versions of tweed suits are also offered in lesser-weight tweed materials, but winter coats and jackets often require thick, warm, and long-lasting suits.

8. Single Breasted Suit

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A coat, jacket, vest, or other similar item with a single column of buttons and a little amount of fabric overlap is referred to as a single-breasted suit.

On the other hand, a double-breasted coat has two parallel rows of buttons with a broader overlap.

9. Peak Lapel Suit

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For the majority of single-breasted suits and blazers, this is the typical lapel. A peak lapel has an upward-pointing tip that protrudes from the collar.

It is said to be more formal and is perhaps more frequently seen on wedding jackets and double-breasted coats.

Wedding Party Suit Or Wedding Ceremony Suit?

Most weddings nowadays have a ceremony part and a celebration part. If you want, you can get two suits for these two events. However, most men will choose only one. Keep in mind that if you buy only one, it's the best suit you could find.

That said, we advise checking blue suits or grey suits to fit both wedding events. You want your special day to be perfect, and what a groom decides to wear will have an impact on it!

Don't forget about your groomsmen! As a groom, you have to match the suits of your groomsmen. These suits don't have to be the same, but they should fit the same color palette.

Also, if you opt for a tuxedo, it would be great if your groomsmen would wear tuxedos as well!

Common Mistakes With Men's Wedding Suits

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To help you make the most of your wedding and wear the perfect suit, we've gathered common mistakes a groom could make when choosing their suit for the special day.

If you're not used to wearing a tuxedo or suit, you might consider getting a size larger so you have more room to move, embrace people, and dance. This makes the outfits appear boxy, which is not attractive!

An unfit suit will make you seem oversized and won't offer you the sleek, contemporary lines we're striving for. Anybody, regardless of size, looks sleek and slender in a suit that fits them well.

Have you ever seen the popular baby blue tuxes from the 1970s? It was a fashion faux pas that will never be forgotten, which is why you know it was a 1970s wedding.

You will never go wrong if you stick to the basics, such as a blue or black suit, and your children won't make fun of your wedding pictures. Competing with women in bright, dramatic, or fashionable hues is never a good look.


A man's wedding suit is equally as important as a woman's wedding gown! What a groom decides to wear impacts not only the choice of groomsmen but also the tone of the entire sophisticated event!

Whether you decide to wear a tuxedo suit, it only makes sense if you feel relaxed and satisfied with your choice!

When choosing colors, keep in mind there are different shades of every color, and your final choice needs to match your tie as well.

Also, your blazer should fit your measurements. If something doesn't feel right from the start, go on to the next one.

After all, shopping for such luxury items should be an exciting experience that leads to you feeling confident on your big day!

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Find the Right Men's Wedding Suit?

When looking for a men's wedding suit or a tuxedo, a groom should consider several things. Suits must always match shirts that are below the suit and the tie or bow tie you decide to wear that day. Communicate your choice with your groomsmen and let them know the fabrics and color shades they can choose from, whether it's a navy, gray, or blue suit.

What Are Men's Wedding Accessories?

Paying attention to every detail is what makes a look sophisticated. Your shoes should match the style you've chosen for the wedding. If you're going through a collection of navy tuxedos for weddings, check their offer of shoes and shirts because they'll go best with the suit you choose. Also, don't forget about the tie. If you're uncertain about which tie and cufflinks go well with your outfit, shop for them in the same store where you got the suit to find the best options.

How Much Should I Spend on My Wedding Suit?

When talking about the price of wedding suits, keep in mind there is something for every budget. If you want to save money on special deals and find a wider offer, think about online shopping. Buying online with some brands will also allow you to enjoy free shipping, which is a great way of saving money. The lower price range is around 200 dollars and will provide you with decent options, while the fanciest suits can cost you 1,000 dollars and above.