Lavender-Themed Wedding Ideas: the Ultimate Guide

Are you fantasizing about a marriage ceremony that is so charming and romantic that it will take your guests' breath away? If so, it's time to consider throwing a lavender-themed wedding. Not only does this color look gorgeous, but the purple bloom's scent is also delightful.

In this ultimate guide, we'll uncover all you need to know about planning a lilac-inspired big day. From how to create delicious drinks and desserts flavored with these fragrant flowers to stunning décor ideas and arrangements scattered throughout your venue – we've got everything covered.

So grab yourself a cuppa and settle down as we inspire you with our top lavender-loving ideas for your wedding – what are you waiting for? It's going to be one magical trip down that lilac-colored aisle!

Short Summary

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The popularity of a wedding centered around lavender has taken off in recent years – and for good reason. Its delicate purple hue alone makes lavender an elegant, romantic addition to any décor theme.

But there's more to it than just good looks: the flower also carries deep symbolism that can resonate with couples on their big day.

First up: calmness and tranquility. If you're after a serene vibe at your wedding ceremony or reception, incorporating lavender elements can help set the tone perfectly – even science says so.

Lavender's scent has been shown to reduce stress levels and promote relaxation, which could come in handy for both you and your guests on an anxious occasion.

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Next: love and devotion. It's not just red roses that are associated with romance. Vibrant colors such as lavender can do the trick, too.

The flower's bright shade stimulates passion and desire, making it perfect for expressing affection towards your other half – think stationery bearing a pretty lilac watercolor wash or bridesmaids' dresses in shades of soft purple.

And last but not least? Gracefulness and sophistication. Just as its softly swaying petals suggest, a wedding centered around lavender demonstrates refined taste – as well as elegant style points.

Think bouquets tied with trailing ribbons or table arrangements accented with sprigs of dried lavender – these subtle touches add up to something seriously swoon-worthy. So, if you want to make your wedding a real fairytale - incorporate lavender!

Lavender Wedding Color Schemes

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Are you planning a lavender-themed wedding? The possibilities are infinite! Explore these captivating lavender color scheme ideas to make your dream day come true.

Lavender Wedding Decor Ideas for the Prettiest Wedding Ever

Planning to make your wedding the most beautiful one ever? Decorate it with lavender! We have everything you need – amazing flowers, magical table settings, romantic ceremony backdrops, and soft lighting:

Lavender Invitation Suite

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If you're going for a lavender-themed wedding, your invitation suite is the first glance guests will get of it. It's a great chance to set the tone early on.

Invitations can be elegant and fun and capture the essence of the romantic lavender in many ways. Here are some enchanting options:

Lavender Wedding Arches Decorations

If you want a lavender-themed wedding that truly impresses you, nothing makes more of a statement than the archway where your ceremony will take place. Decorations for a lavender wedding arch offer an incredible backdrop and fill the air with fragrant joy. Get inspired with these delightful ideas.

Bridal Bouquet

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The bridal bouquet signifies the center of any wedding, and fusing lavender sprigs into it adds a cherry on top in terms of sophistication and natural exquisiteness.

Imagine an arrangement with a mix of soft pink roses (or white roses), delicate lavender sprigs, and ivory peonies — the sight created is alluringly romantic and ethereal, especially as you lay your eyes upon the bride.

Or, for something more in line with nature, use lavender sprigs alongside wildflowers like daisies or baby's breath to create a country-charm bouquet that reflects that freewheeling vibe perfectly.

Or how about using strong purple irises and bold lavender sprigs if you want your bouquet to make quite some statement while still having that nod toward lavender?

Add texture by incorporating other foliage, such as eucalyptus leaves or ferns, into your bouquet to contrast textures against those delicately lovely but tiny little perfumed stems!

And don't forget satin ribbons – tie it all together visually by picking out paler purples or silver grays when choosing your ribbon. Little details matter for your lavender bouquets!

Lavender Boutonnieres

Never underestimate a lavender boutonniere's impact on groom and groomsman fashion. Its delicate petals create an elegant, charming touch to their attire.

A lavender boutonniere is particularly striking when matched with rustic or garden-style themes: a floral accessory that harmonizes perfectly. For example, mix it with foliage such as eucalyptus or baby's breath for a lusher look.

For those who like things being done in vintage style, dried lavender stems – or twine and lace wraps around the buttonholes – will offer just enough of an old-fashioned feel.

These are little lavender decor details yet still eye-catching, ensuring even the guys are sporting some of your wedding's prettiest flower accents.

Chair And Table Decorations

To achieve the perfect lavender wedding decor, attention to detail is everything. Don't overlook chair and table decorations, which are key to creating a cohesive atmosphere.

When it comes to wedding chairs, think about tying delicate sprigs of lavender or satin ribbons around the backrests. Apart from an extra dash of elegance for your venue, you'll also give them a lovely scent.

Meanwhile, mason jars can be incredibly versatile when planning a lavender wedding: fill them with lavender buds or petals and use them as centerpieces on reception tables; hang mason jar lanterns filled with dried lavender for a touch of whimsy.

Onto table items now – specifically centerpieces – and mixing various shades of purple flowers with fresh stems of lavender will make quite the visual impact. And don't forget about lavender-colored table runners!

If you're looking for something else to add in terms of color (and fragrance), then candle holders wrapped with translucent purple fabric plus dainty, scented candles that burn this hue could create quite an enchanting ambiance.

Lavender-themed place settings at the wedding reception would be another way to go here: maybe incorporate some lavenders into napkin rings or elegantly tuck them into folded menus?

And if there's still room on those tables (including a gift table) after all that lot is done for your wedding ceremony? Scatter some dried lavender buds across, too. Just because!

Bridesmaids Attire

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There are countless ways to make your bridesmaids look stunning on your big day. Here are some ideas for finding the perfect attire for your bridal party:

Lavender Wedding Cake

Purple-themed weddings are becoming increasingly popular, and when it comes to wedding receptions, nothing can beat a lavender wedding cake that steals the show.

Imagine a multi-tiered masterpiece decorated with pretty lilac blooms, intricate sugar lace, or shimmering silver detailing that exudes finesse and class. Dress yours in pale purple-hued icing, or stick to tradition with a white base covered in purple ribbons or edible pearls.

For extra pizzazz, why not inject some flavor via lavender-infused buttercream? Want something different? How about opting for a lemon sponge filled with more citrus-lavender filling?

From simple naked cakes for rustic nuptials to fondant-covered beauties fit for princesses – there are no hard and fast rules for creating your very own floral-inspired marvel. The sky is the limit for your wedding celebration!

Lavender Farm Venue

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Imagine this: a dreamlike wedding situated in boundless fields of fragrant lavender. A venue located on a lavender farm is the ultimate in charm and natural splendor.

Say your vows beneath an enchanting arch garlanded with lavender blossoms, enveloped by the heavenly aroma wafting through the air.

Create an alluring seating area featuring vintage furniture adorned with lavender-themed cushions and table runners. Picture guests meandering along paths lined with rows of purple, imbibing lavender-infused cocktails at a rustic bar.

Set against you as you're photographed when dusk falls, there are magnificent shots amid the photogenic fields of lavender. A stunning location for an unforgettable romantic wedding experience? It has to be a venue set on a lavender farm.

Lavender Seeds to Plant as a Gift

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Are you searching for a one-of-a-kind, sentimental keepsake for your wedding guests? Try lavender seeds. Not only do they make an ideal favor as they represent love, tranquility, and good fortune – but your invitees can take them home and propagate their plants.

Packed in personalized seed sachets with details of your big day on the front, lavenders are eco-friendly presents that keep giving. Once grown, these purple blooms will be a fragrant reminder of your nuptials long after the confetti has been swept away. They'll always be tied to you!

Lavender-Infused Cocktails

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At long last, the time has come to raise a glass and offer a toast to your lavender wedding—not without serving up some mouthwatering lavender-infused cocktails, of course!

Not only do these aromatically intoxicating drinks taste refreshing, but they also add an air of sophistication to your nuptial celebration.

Want ideas? Kick off the festivities with Lavender Gin Fizzes: gin, homemade lavender syrup, fresh lemon juice, and soda water.

Or serve a round of Lavender Mojitos: muddle fresh mint leaves and lime juice with lavender syrup, then stir in rum or club soda (or both).

And don't forget guests who aren't drinking alcohol—infusing lavender syrup into lemonade is easy. Garnish with a sprig if you're feeling extra fancy.

Creative and gorgeously purple-hued as can be, these signature sips are surefire crowd-pleasers that underscore what's already destined to be one enchanting evening.


A wedding centered around lavender is the quintessence of love, refinement, and allure. Filled with loveliness and appeal, every aspect of your significant day will reflect just that—from the striking hues to the floral scent and relaxing traits associated with lavender. There are many creative ideas!

So why not lose yourself in a world brimming with lilac blooms? Make forever memories by creating a celebration they'll never forget. You've already found loads of inspiration in this comprehensive guide. Now, it's time to take action.

Take advantage of everything lavender has to offer by getting started on making arrangements for your dreamy event – today! Add lavender everywhere, and trust us, you won't regret it!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does a Lavender Wedding Theme Mean?

Having a lavender wedding theme involves lavender as the central aspect of your decorations, flowers, color scheme, and culinary choices.

What Colors Go With Lavender for a Wedding?

Colors that go well with lavender for a wedding are purple hues, mint green, pink, blue, silver, or gray – anything from the cool end of the spectrum works beautifully, or you could make it so unexpected by teaming it with orange!

Lavender wedding ideas are popular because this beautiful flowering plant has such a lovely color, smells amazing (which always helps), and can be used in so many different ways to help create a dreamy atmosphere.

Is Lavender a Cheap Wedding Flower?

As far as cost goes, whether or not using lavender will make for an affordable wedding flower will depend on what time of year you want to marry and how readily available it is locally. So consult your florist before you assume anything!