Fall Bridesmaid Dresses That Are Perfect for Autumn Weddings

If you've been invited to a wedding in autumn as a bridesmaid, the first thing that probably crossed your mind was your fall bridesmaid dress. Autumn vibes just give that romantic look to weddings, so there are certain colors that need to be considered for a bridesmaid dress.

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The good news is there are so many fall bridesmaid dresses to choose from! From elegant and sexy to playful and romantic, depending on the wedding, you will not be disappointed if you follow the tips from our article. Besides sharing the best bridesmaid dresses for a fall bridal party, we'll point out common mistakes when choosing a bridesmaid dress to help you and your bridesmaids have a great time at your fall wedding!

Short Summary

What Is a Bridesmaid Dress?

You've probably seen hundreds of bridesmaid dresses, so you might assume you have a good idea of what a bridesmaid dress is and what it is not. But do you know the difference between bridesmaid dresses and evening gowns? There are a few differences between them, but the most significant is that bridesmaid dresses are simpler in terms of style.

After all, the idea is to help the bride stand out with her dress, so bridesmaid dresses that are too flashy, shiny, or inappropriate in any other way should not be on your wishlist!

When it comes to fall weddings, choosing the color palette will not be difficult at all. Bridesmaids can make a stylish statement in numerous colors, from yellow, orange, and dark red to brown, beige, and emerald green.

To help you get inspired when choosing a fall wedding color palette, go through this list to find the perfect wedding palette for the fall season:

11 Best Fall Bridesmaid Dress Examples

Choosing the right color or color palette for fall bridesmaid dresses is just one factor. You will still need to choose the dress style, length, fabrics, and bouquets. With so many options available, your bridesmaids will look stunning in dresses with autumnal vibes as the changing leaves create absolutely stylish, romantic, and trendy moments!

1. Dark Berry One Sleeve Bridesmaid Dresses

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If you want your bridesmaids to look elegant and avoid too simplistic style for their bridesmaid dresses, dresses with one sleeve or one shoulder are a great choice for fall weddings.

Also, the dark berry is a color that will look good on all of your bridesmaids, and you can even consider adding more flare to a sleeve by making it long or puffy.

To match the bridesmaid's look with yours, create a bouquet with flowers whose colors match your dress!

2. Silky Satin Bridesmaid Dresses

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Luxe satin is one of those bridesmaid dress fabrics that are perfect for early fall weddings, as bridesmaids might be cold if they wear such a light material in November.

Depending on your wedding color palette, decide on the colors for the bridesmaid dresses as well.

Consider gold, orange, and dark berries for the best fall vibes. If you want to go the opposite way, emerald green will contrast your autumn wedding style nicely!

3. Fall Bridesmaid Dresses for Beach Weddings

women in white dresses standing on brown sand near body of water during daytime
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Depending on the wedding destination, a beach wedding will not only be reserved for the summer months!

That said, fall bridesmaid dresses should differ slightly from summer bridesmaid dresses. Consider earth tones of blue or even grey to achieve those autumn vibes! Not to mention that these bridesmaid dress colors are not typical for fall weddings, so you will have unique memories and photos!

4. Rose Gold Bridesmaid Dresses

Bridesmaids in pink dresses stand with white flower bouquets in
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Rose gold is one of the perfect bridesmaid dress colors, as it matches all skin tones!

You can choose different dress styles or have the same dresses for your bridesmaids; it's up to you. However, this color is perfect for sequins and shinier accessories such as belts or purses, so consider adding that as well.

5. Simple One Colored Bridesmaid Dresses

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If you're going for simplicity, one-colored bridesmaid dresses are excellent for a romantic fall wedding! Whichever wedding color palette you opt for in the end, remember that certain colors might not look good for outdoor photos.

For instance, if you plan to take photos in front of dark brown trees, remember that bridesmaid dresses will melt with the background.

A good piece of advice is always to take photos with your bridesmaids against a contracted background.

6. Diverse Fall Bridesmaid Dresses

Choose one color palette and combine different tones of that color palette for beautiful autumn wedding photos.

After all, the fall season is when we see different colors of nature, so why should the bridesmaid dresses be an exception?

Consider combining different fabrics and styles for an even richer fall bridesmaid dresses. This idea works well with rich jewel tones as well!

7. Romantic Feel Good Bridesmaid Dresses

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A fall bridesmaid dress should also be as romantic as possible for more romantic weddings. The perfect fall bridesmaid dress color is pink, of course.

That is also why you will see this color the most during the wedding season.

Your fall bridesmaids will look perfect in luxe satin and trendy midi-length silhouettes, whether for the photo session or on the dance floor.

Remember that certain materials and wedding styles will be challenging in late fall because of cooler weather.

8. Two Colored Bridesmaid Dress

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If you're indecisive about one color, why not choose two for the fall bridesmaid dress?

This way, you can create more playful outfits for your fall bridesmaids, especially if you're having such a fall wedding.

Our only suggestion is to use a darker color for the lower part of the bridesmaid dress and a lighter one for the top.

You can combine contrasted colors or use lighter and darker tones of the same color for the perfect fall bridesmaid dress and an unforgettable bridal party!

9. No Dress Code Fall Bridesmaid Dress

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Allowing your bridesmaids to choose their bridesmaid dress from their favorite retailers for the bridal party guarantees a good time!

Of course, you can always preapprove their ideas to avoid conflict or major mistakes, but the more different dress styles there are, the better your fall wedding photos will look. Trust us!

If you want to stick to one material and have a variation of colors, consider luxe satin, as the dresses will all have the elegance expected from such special occasions.

Diverse bridesmaid's dresses can differ from each other in so many ways, but as long as they are not outshining you, it's all good.

10. Emerald Green Bridesmaids Dress

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If you're looking for a fun way to contrast the typical fall season colors, have your bridesmaids wear emerald green luxe satin dresses.

These dresses are romantic and elegant and will also make your wedding gown stand out!

If you choose satin or similar fabric, ensure that the dresses are of maxi or midi lengths. You can even have the length match your dress for a more unified look!

That said, if you choose this color but are having a wedding in October or November, you must choose a fabric and style that will allow your bridesmaids to stay warm throughout the event.

11. Velvet Bridesmaids Dresses

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Velvet is another excellent fabric for a fall wedding, and your bridesmaids will have that perfect look with it!

Velvet allows you to feel comfortable while looking gorgeous. You can apply different dress styles to it, from long sleeves to one-shoulder dresses.

Velvet dresses are a great idea for a timeless fall wedding, but they are a big trend in wedding fashion right now!

Besides being timeless, another great thing about a velvet dress is that it can be worn during the fall wedding season, unlike luxe satin dresses.

Fashion Mistakes to Avoid at a Bridal Party

As much as diversity is welcomed at a typical fall wedding, considering all the dynamic changes of nature during that season, there are certain mistakes to be avoided at a fall wedding.

Ignoring Comfort

If a beautiful dress is only good for photos and your bridesmaids cannot have fun because the dress style or fabric doesn't allow them to move freely, is itchy, or bridesmaids feel cold or hot, you are in for a disaster!

Just like the velvet is not the fabric for summer weddings, luxe satin might be too thin for a late fall wedding.

Also, a dress should suit the person wearing it just as much as it needs to suit the occasion!

That is why the dress your bridesmaids must wear also matches how they feel. Someone might not feel comfortable in a sleeveless or midi-length dress, so you need to keep all these factors in mind.

Stealing the Focus From the Bride

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Be careful: matching the tone of your bridesmaid's dresses with your gown might look stunning as an idea in your head, but this is the bride's big day!

To ensure everyone's having a perfect time, keep in mind that only one dress needs to be so gorgeous, while all others should help the wedding gown shine.

Instead of matching bridesmaid's dresses with your gown, focus on colors that would look good near you and the colors you've chosen for wedding decoration.


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Autumn is the perfect season to wear different colors to a wedding! Not only does it match the nature surrounding you, but it also gives an extra dose of creativity to the entire wedding.

With colors like orange, dark berry, and rust, your wedding gown will be even more highlighted, so keep that in mind when choosing dresses for your closest girls.

If you want a variety of bridesmaid dresses, find one thing they will have in common. This can be fabric, color, style, length, etc.

After all, you want everyone to know who your closest people are!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Color Bridesmaid Dress for Fall?

Consider autumn colors for a bridesmaid's dress for a fall wedding, such as orange, rust, gold, yellow, mustard, red wine, and similar. If you want to achieve contrast to the autumn vibes, choose darker green shades.

What Kind of Bridesmaid Dress Looks Good on Everyone?

If you want all your bridesmaids to look similar or the same, you must consider the color, fabric, and dress style that looks good on everyone. Typically, these are mid or maxi-length dresses of A-line. In terms of colors, remember your girls' skin tones, hair, and eye colors to define the perfect dress color.

Should You Wear the Same Color Dress as the Bridesmaids?

If you're not a bridesmaid, it is typically not recommended to wear the same color as they do. Just like you want to avoid matching your dress with the bride's gown, you will want to avoid the colors of a bridesmaid's dress, especially if they all wear one particular color. If they are dressed in different colors, you can consider wearing a dress in one of them, but ensure the fabric and style do not match theirs.