Tricks to Finding the Perfect Summer Wedding Guest Dress + 13 Dress Ideas

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Are you going to a wedding this summer and still haven't found the right dress? No worries, it's a common problem among female guests. Weddings are a special occasion, and you want to dress adequately but also to impress. That said, finding the dress that will meet these requirements is not as easy as finding a dress for any other summer occasion.

In this article, you will learn how to find your perfect summer wedding guest dress and be the best-dressed summer wedding guest. At the end of this article, find 20 examples of different summer wedding guest dresses, from floral prints to formal dress code dresses.

Short Summary

What Is the Perfect Summer Wedding Guest Dress?

For female summer wedding guests, a big part of what makes summer weddings so exciting is finding the right dress for the wedding venue. However, the perfect summer wedding guest dress might not be the same for two female guests.

One might daydream about a strapless neckline, while another might look only for summer wedding guest dresses with flowy peasant sleeves. Both of these options are perfect if they match your fashion style!

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So, before you go on a hunt for wedding guest dresses, spend some time defining what you are looking for. For instance, you might fantasize about long sleeves, but it could be too hot to wear them, not to mention sweat and skin irritation!

You will definitely need to think about a few factors when choosing the dress, and feeling comfortable in it is one of them. Don't forget that weddings last more than just a few hours, so not feeling good in your wedding guest dress might destroy the entire experience.

Another thing to keep in mind is the destination of the wedding. If it's a destination wedding, meaning it's not in your city, check the temperatures, humidity levels, and anything else that could impact wearing summer wedding guest dresses.

If it's an outdoor wedding, check if the wedding venue has a roof or any other protection from the hot sun.

Daytime Vs. Evening Summer Wedding Guest Dresses

It's not only the temperature that changes with a daytime or evening summer wedding but also your dress options.

There are no strict rules, but most female guests will choose darker and more elegant colors and fabrics for evening weddings and more playful dresses with bright colors for daytime weddings.

These are just some of the daytime summer wedding guest dresses for guests:

When it comes to evening summer wedding guest dresses, these are the most common options:

Common Mistakes With Wedding Guest Dresses

Although there is a variety of summer wedding guest dresses you can choose from, these formal events have shown certain fashion mistakes that repeat. For example, if you're attending a black tie wedding, the list of wedding guest dresses you can wear will shorten significantly!

Before you shop for the dress, avoid making the mistakes we've listed for you below.

Remember, a casual wedding requires a different dress than a formal, black-tie wedding, so let's dive into all you need to avoid to look feminine and divine for the wedding!

1. Ignoring the Dress Code

Are you attending a black-tie affair? Is it a beach wedding? Or maybe a theme wedding? Whichever choice the bride and groom make, you will need to wear an appropriate dress.

Imagine if you appeared in a boho dress to a black tie wedding or in a long, silk dress and heels to a beach wedding. Believe it or not, these things happen, and you don't want to be the one who makes this mistake.

If there is a dress code, make sure you respect it. Don't worry that it will reduce your options because there are more dresses than we could count!

2. Not Matching the Dress Color to Your Skin Tone

It's one thing to follow the dress code of the wedding, but you will need to think about your skin tone as well. The great thing about weddings in summer is that you'll probably have a bit of tan, so most colors will look great on you.

If you think that your skin tone is more pale than tanned, consider avoiding bright colors. Choose more vibrant colors or bold jewelry if you want to stand out with your dress choice. A black dress is always the safest choice, but keep in mind that summer is the perfect time for experimenting with fashion!

3. Wearing White

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If there is one strict rule when it comes to wedding guest dresses, it's: Don't wear white! You can look as good as you want in white, but to wear white as a wedding guest dress will draw too much attention and not the kind of attention you want.

This color is reserved for the bride on her big day, and guests can choose from a range of colors, so wearing white might seem like an insult to the bride and could make you feel uncomfortable for the rest of the event.

4. Wearing Inappropriate Wedding Guest Dresses

There is a long list of summer wedding dresses that might be considered inappropriate. Whichever dresses female guests choose to wear, they should never outshine the bride. That implies not wearing dresses that look like gowns.

Also, avoid summer wedding guest dresses that look way too sexy. There is a fine line between looking elegant and attractive and showing off too much cleavage.

You have every right to feel feminine, but keep in mind if everyone stares at you as you walk around the wedding venue, make comments, and maybe even hit on you.

5. Pairing Your Dress With Uncomfortable Shoes

For a completely comfortable fit, you'll need to know that your shoes matter as well. Without a fashionable, comfortable pair of shoes, your dress will look worse.

Make sure you choose shoes that bring out the best of your wedding guest dress and allow you to be the star on the dance floor.

After all, summer weddings are not just about looking good; it's also about having a great time!

6. Wearing Boots

woman in red long sleeve dress and black boots standing beside gray concrete wall during daytime
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Yes, your beautiful maxi dress looks stunning with your new pair of black boots, but this is a completely unacceptable footwear for any wedding, even the most casual ones.

So, do yourself a favor and put the boots in your closet. Not only do they not look classy in summer weddings, but they also look equally bad for winter weddings!

Summer Wedding Dress Ideas for Female Guests

Now that we've talked about all the factors that should impact your choice of a summer wedding guest dress, it's time to review some of the best summer wedding guest dresses in 2024.

1. Nude-colored Summer Wedding Dress

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Earth and nude tones are a great choice for a summer wedding, especially if you have a bit of tan! You can choose from different shapes, lengths, and materials, but midi length and a bit of a romantic note is your safest bet. Pair it with some beautiful statement earrings and a lovely bracelet.

2. Open Back Dress

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Consider an open-back dress if you want to be dressed in a maxi dress but still want to make an impression. This will give your entire outfit a more versatile tone, and when combined with elegant sandals, it becomes the perfect wedding guest dress. Make sure your dress is made of lightweight fabrics, as many maxi-length dresses are heavy and will limit your movement during the warmer weather.

This is also a dress style that fits any body type!

3. Cute Mini Dress

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You don't have to be afraid of wearing a mini dress to a summer wedding. Just make sure it looks classy or cute instead of too sexy! You can achieve that by choosing colors like pink or baby blue, or adding sleeves to the dress to make it look more formal.

Add statement jewelry or a colorful mini purse to make your summer wedding style look cool.

4. Long Sleeve Pencil Dresses

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You don't have to avoid wearing long sleeves to a summer wedding. All you have to do is ensure that your dress is made from lightweight material to help your skin breathe. The dress can be of midi length, but you can even buy a mini dress with long sleeves for a more fashionable outfit.

Pair it with classic shoes and a bit of fancy jewelry, and you will be wedding-ready!

5. One Sleeve Maxi Dresses

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Maxi-length dresses are simply one of your best options for a summer wedding! There is something about a maxi dress that combines elegance, formality, and fashion all at once. They look great during the daytime, but can also make an impression at evening weddings.

Depending on the color you prefer, which also suits your skin tone, pair the jewelry with a nice pair of sandals, and you'll be the second person to take people's breaths away (after the bride, of course)!

6. Boho Dresses With Floral Prints Or Embroidery

Woman in White and Multicolored Midi Dress Holding Door
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Boho, white dresses are only acceptable if you're going to a beach wedding or if your dress has so much flower print it looks like a canvas. Perfect for non-formal weddings, these cool summer wedding guest dresses look playful and romantic and are great for daytime weddings.

Pair it with the same colored shoes as the flowers on your maxi dress, and add a nice necklace to highlight your neckline!

7. Dark Romantic Dresses

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Who said that romantic summer wedding guest dresses must have bright colors? Choosing dark colors with flower embroidery will make you look like a cool fashion queen. You can choose between a midi dress or a maxi dress, but keeping it romantic is perfect for summer weddings. Depending on the dress styles you find, there are so many ways to pull out this look.

Puff sleeves can also add a romantic note to your outfit, regardless of the size range. If you're going for a more formal style, go for the ones with classic silhouettes and side cutouts. This will also make you look taller!

8. Strapless Dress

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Summer weddings also allow you to wear beautiful strapless dresses. From casual to formal, a variety of this dress style can be so versatile, depending on how you decide to wear it. For instance, add an elegant silk scarf over it for a more formal look.

However, if the summer wedding is more relaxed, you can accessorize it with a statement necklace and a see-through purse. This option will allow you to enjoy the outdoor wedding without worrying you'll feel too hot in the sun!

9. Sequin Dresses

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Perfect for evening weddings and black-tie affairs, sequin dresses will make you feel powerful. A good rule is to match the sequin color to your hair tone. For instance, blondes and brunettes might look better in gold sequin dresses, while redheads might prefer blue or green sequin dresses.

With a dress like this, you will surely be the best-dressed guest at the wedding. After all, who can ignore someone who sparkles, right?

10. Polka Dot Dresses

woman in red polka-dot dress standing in the middle of grass field during daytime
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Polka dot dresses are one of those dress types that look great in both evening and daytime weddings. Depending on its shape, this dress can be romantic, elegant, sexy, flirtatious, and everything else you need it to be. As a summer wedding guest, you cannot go wrong with this option!

If you want a more elegant look, choose the purse and shoes in the same color as the dress. If you're going for a more casual or fashionable look, pair it with accessories that match well with the main color of your dress.

11. Artistic Dresses

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If you find most summer wedding guest dresses boring, you will want to look for summer dresses with artistic details. It could be sleeves, embroidery, a combination of materials, dress lines, or anything else. That said, don't go too far! There's a fine line between a slightly artistic dress and an entire art piece.

12. White Dresses for Beach Weddings

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If you're invited to a wedding that will take place at the beach, you're probably also told to wear white. This might be tricky as you don't want to outshine the bride, but there's a way to wear white without looking like the one who's getting married today.

Use colorful accessories to highlight your waist or neckline, and you'll look more casual and playful, and you'll also feel quite fashionable as well!

13. Classy Jumpsuits

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We know that jumpsuits are not dresses, but they have the same function! There are so many great jumpsuit options for weddings and formal occasions that can fit almost any dress code. Your chosen jumpsuits might have a floral print on the sleeves, lace-up details on the cleavage, one shoulder, or nice lines, but all of that will help you show your flattering silhouette.

Jumpsuits also work well for any size range and style, so you can play safe if you choose to buy them!


Before you shop for summer wedding guest dresses, keep in mind the dress code of the summer wedding. There are many summer wedding guest dresses to choose from, and choosing the right one will turn you into the most fashionable wedding guest.

Use this opportunity to find a dress that fits you perfectly and that you can also use all summer long if you want to. From puff sleeves and floral print to lace-up detail to a romantic midi dress, the choice might not be so easy!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Should a Female Guest Wear to a Summer Wedding?

Summer wedding guest dresses should match the dress code of the event but also help you look stunning once you arrive at the venue. There is a range of dress types suitable for wedding guest dresses, but keep in mind that you're dressing for the occasion. When deciding between different summer wedding guest dresses, include accessories and ensure you feel comfortable.

What Do You Wear to a Hot Country Wedding?

If the wedding takes place in a hot country, the most important thing about summer wedding guest dresses will be the lightweight fabric. The fabric must allow your skin to breathe, and your body should move without any limitations, whether it's to dance, sit, or pose for photos.

Is It OK to Wear a Black Dress to a Summer Wedding?

Although black dresses were previously considered inappropriate as summer wedding guest dresses, you can now put them on for weddings. Depending on the style, they can be worn both for daytime and evening weddings, but they are more appropriate for evening weddings and black-tie events. A black midi dress with elegant cutouts can be the perfect style if paired with nice jewelry.