Everything You Need for a Perfect Bridal Shower

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Getting married is an incredible experience that is filled with different events before the wedding actually happens. One such event is the bridal shower, which typically occurs before the wedding.

The idea is to shower the bride-to-be with beautiful gifts and advice to help her prepare for the next phase in her life.

If you want to learn more about bridal showers and what is expected of you during them, from bridal shower invitations to organizing the perfect bridal party, keep reading this article, as we've gathered all the best ideas for the perfect event!

Short Summary

What Are Bridal Showers?

After the engagement and bachelorette party, the future bride will have one last wedding-related event before her big day.

A bridal shower is usually organized one to two months before the wedding, and it involves all family members and friends from the bride-to-be.

The goal of such an event is to bring bridal shower gifts, offer advice for the wedding day, and simply enjoy any of the bridal shower traditions the future bride wants to celebrate.

Depending on the nature of the bridal shower, you might be asked to wear a certain color or dress in a certain style or even be invited to another location where the bridal shower takes place.

What Are the Perfect Bridal Shower Gifts?

The answer will depend on the future bride's taste and the type of bridal shower. However, keep in mind that the bridal shower gifts are only for the bride-to-be, whereas the wedding gifts are meant for the couple.

There is no price range, but instead of trying to impress the future bride, think about something she really likes.

If you have a great memory with her, you can even give her something that will remind her of that for the rest of her life! Don't forget that this is the last event she'll attend as an unmarried woman, so giving something to cherish is a plus.

Who Organizes the Bridal Shower?

You might think the maid of honor or matron of honor organizes a bridal shower, but the bride's mother can also take care of the bridal party.

Regardless of who organizes it, it's only for female guests, such as female friends and family members. The fellow bridesmaids are also typically invited to most showers.

The bridal shower can be a surprise for the bride-to-be, but normally, she is asked to share her preferences on the location, theme, guest list, and other organizational details.

What Is the Difference Between Bridal Showers And Bachelorette Parties?

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Bachelorette parties will usually take place after the woman announces her engagement, whereas the bridal shower is the last event before the wedding day. Bachelorette parties are more just for female friends, while bridal parties are for both close friends and family members.

Nature of the Party

When organizing a bachelorette party, the focus is on the party with all your friends. You might party the entire night, go to Las Vegas, or have a different night planned with your girls.

When it comes to bridal showers, you will probably have the event during the day or early evening. It will be a more relaxed event, focusing on the bride and celebrating her new life.

Gift Giving

Small gifts are recommended for both events. Depending on the bride and the event organizer, there might even be a gift registry for these events, so you can ensure that the bride receives something she'll really need and appreciate.

No Rules

A bridal shower is a pre-wedding party or gathering, whereas a bachelorette party is more fun and wild. However, there are no strict rules on how your bridal should look, and if you want a bridal shower etiquette or bridal shower party of the century, you have every right to ask for it!

Wedding Shower Ideas

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There are so many ideas for a wedding shower that it might be difficult to single out just one bridal shower theme. If the event has a theme, it might even help you choose the right bridal shower gift.

Also, if you have any questions, it's best not to ask the future bride, as she'll probably have so much on her plate. Instead, take a peek into the bridal shower guest list and ask someone you know for help.

1. Bridal Shower Etiquette

An etiquette event typically suggests there is a protocol and expectations of elegance and class. It doesn't necessarily imply that the dress code is elegant, but you'll want to dress up.

The bride-to-be might greet all her bridal shower guests as they arrive, or she might have a musician play light music in the background while you eat at a fancy restaurant.

If you're uncertain of what this type of event implies, it's best to consult it with the maid of honor, future bride's sister, or cousins to be sure you're not caught by surprise when you arrive.

2. Bridal Tea Party

As bridal showers are typically more relaxed than bachelorette parties, why not organize a tea party? This way, the bride-to-be can have enough time to talk to all her female friends and family about the wedding day details, such as the wedding reception, her dress, or tips to look good in front of the camera.

If you're looking for bridal showers that allow everyone to spend quality time, think no further than an afternoon tea party!

3. Bridal Spa Party

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A wedding event brings a lot of stress for the bride-to-be and her future spouse, so why not organize a spa day for female friends and family? A day at the spa allows brides to relax their minds and bodies before the big day and to connect with their friend groups.

You can spend a few hours doing massages, facial treatments, chilling at a sauna, and later go to a restaurant to open gifts and talk more about the wedding.

If you do organize a spa day for the bridal party, make sure that everyone is aware of the time they are expected to arrive, as you'll probably have a limited time to enjoy the spa activities!

4. Fun Bridal Party

Who doesn't love fun bridal shower games? If you're not into elegant events or the spa, there are plenty of ideas for fun wedding showers.

You can create your own games or play the typical wedding party games, such as guessing things about the bride-to-be or trying to guess who from the guest list gave you which gift.

A bridal shower can be a fun event even if you dress from a certain era, for instance 70s or 80s.

If the bride-to-be has a favorite movie with fun characters, why not dress all as them and have the coolest dress code ever?

You can also choose from other fun games, such as board games, cards, drinking games, etc. The best idea is to have a few options ready and see which one works best for the bridal shower.


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A bridal shower is the last event of the wedding timeline for the bride-to-be. That is why it's so important to create a memory that will last. Many bridal showers are inspired by the ideas we've shared above, but ultimately, you can plan yours however you like.

Just make sure you start the planning process on time. There are many bridal shower planning activities that need to be done in order to have a great bridal shower, from creating a guest list to reserving time for opening gifts.

Thoughtful gifts are great, but more than ever, brides-to-be will want to have fun with their female guests, whether it's a proper etiquette party or a bridal shower inspired by a tea party.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Girls Are in a Bridal Party?

Although a bridal shower is typically a more intimate event, you can invite as many female friends and family members as you'd like. Your guest list can be short or long. It will depend on how many people you want to share this experience with. It's perfectly acceptable to have a bridal party with ten guests as it is to have 50 guests.

Who Plans the Bridal Shower?

A bridal shower is planned by the future bride's mother, maid of honor, or a close bridesmaid. Even though the bride will not organize the bridal shower, she will be asked about what she'd like to see and experience during the bridal shower.

What Do People Do at a Bridal Shower?

At a bridal shower, female guests will gather around the bride and shower her with different gifts and tips for the big day. This event celebrates the bride before entering married life, so brides can expect to have lots of fun with their close friends.