23 Winter Wedding Ideas for Your Big Day

Prepare yourself for a wedding that is both cozy and magical! Winter weddings are absolutely enchanting, as they allow you to create an entire atmosphere of romance.

Picture saying "I do" at a warm, elegant venue dressed up in gorgeous seasonal decor and rich, muted color schemes.

The great thing about winter weddings? You can transform any space into a holiday wonderland. And it may save you some cash: Many venues charge less for celebrations during the off-peak season.

We've gathered everything you need to know about planning your perfect chill-chic wedding right here — from attire to décor, food to entertainment!

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Short Summary

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Winter weddings have become increasingly popular in recent times, and not just for one or two reasons.

Firstly, there's the magical atmosphere that winter brings. The colder months of the year allow for an intimate atmosphere with lots of twinkling lights, cozy fireplaces, and beautiful scenery.

The second reason couples are starting to say "I do" in winter is because it can be cheaper. Many wedding venues offer lower rates during this time of the year, so it could work out better if you're on a budget.

Availability is another good reason to get hitched when the weather turns cooler – especially as far as booking things like photographers and musicians go.

Lastly, having a winter wedding theme gives people more opportunities for original touches they might not normally find at weddings held in the summer months.

By adding seasonal touches such as pine cones and snowflakes or by serving hot cocoa or mulled wine as signature drinks, couples can fully welcome the Christmas spirit at their wedding.

Winter Wedding Ideas & Decorations

Seeking ideas and decorations to inspire your winter wedding inspiration? The ideas below will help you turn your winter-themed wedding into a dreamy winter retreat, whether you're picturing a rustic, romantic, or glamorous atmosphere.

1. Muted Winter Colour Scheme

Imagine an understated, classy, and ultimate winter wedding that revolves around a gentle color scheme. A wintry blue, muted pink, and vintage green palette will give your special day a surreal vibe.

Visualize bridesmaids wearing frosty charcoal dresses holding bouquets of eucalyptuses and soft white roses. For the ultimate in romantic touches‚ place silver candelabra on tables alongside delicate antique china.

Opt for an ivory dress with just the right amount of sparkle to not overpower the overall effect. The groom can rock charcoal grey or black suits with ties in sage green – after all, it's his big day, too!

By using softer shades, you'll be able to create impact without making things look busy or overdone.

2. Warm Attire

If you're having a winter wedding, you've got the perfect excuse to don cozy, stylish attire. For the bride, think long-sleeved lace teamed with a faux-fur wrap or cape.

The groom could go for a velvet or tweed suit and leafy boutonniere. Cashmere gloves, fur-lined boots, or sparkly accessories will keep you warm and add glamour.

3. DIY Hot Chocolate Station

When it comes to serving hot cocoa at your winter wedding reception – the sky's the limit! How about making up a tempting hot chocolate station bar with homemade marshmallows, peppermint sticks, and whipped cream?

And for cocktail hour, why not serve up a special frozen hot cocoa-inspired cocktail or other hot drinks?

It'll win over guests as well as put an original spin on everyone's wintertime favorite. Get sipping while keeping snug at your unforgettably fun winter do!

4. Fairy Lights Decoration

Transform any venue into an otherworldly setting with these delicate and ethereal lights. Unlike typical Christmas lights, fairy lights are delicate threads of twinkling LED that can be hung from ceilings to create a starry sky effect or woven through centerpieces for added magic.

Drape them over a canopy for a flighty backdrop, hang them in windows to add warmth, or wrap them around trees – they'll instantly bring romance and charm to your day.

Casting the most subtle glow, it's no wonder so many brides choose these pretty little things for their wedding décor.

5. Winter Wedding Flowers

Stunning floral arrangements are an easy way to add some winter magic to your wedding. Think beyond traditional floral decor – add unique elements like pine cones, sprigs of evergreen from a Christmas tree, or dried flowers for an enchanting twist.

To warm things up and keep the vibe romantic rather than Christmassy, try adding pops of red flowers among more white and green.

It's not what people would expect at this time of year, but it creates something pretty magical and adds a real wow factor to your day.

6. Fake Snow

Turn your venue into a snowy dreamland and create an airy, fantastical atmosphere that will leave you feeling like the main character in a romantic winter wedding party.

Sprinkle fake snow onto reception tables or drape it over doorways; use it as a backdrop for pictures or even surprise your guests with a light sprinkling of faux snow when making their grand entrance or during their first dance. It's such an easy way to add some magic to the day.

7. Winter Wedding Cakes With Seasonal Elements

When it comes to winter weddings, less can be more – especially where wedding cakes are concerned.

Think about going small but beautiful, with perhaps just two tiers of fondant wedding cake in different flavors decorated with pretty pine cones and delicate aspen leaves to give things a wintry edge.

This little detail adds a touch of sophistication and seamlessly ties everything on your dessert table together – all without being too much.

8. Cozy Winter Wedding Venue

You want style and comfort when you pick a spot for your winter wedding. For couples going for cozy chic, a sweet barn venue is an ideal fit: picture saying "I do" beneath exposed beams and lots of candlelight.

If you've got your heart set on a mountain destination affair, book a ski lodge with its massive fireplace—and take in the view.

Finally, if you're hoping for December marriages that have holiday magic written all over them, what could be more enchanting than exchanging vows at a botanical garden twinkling with lights?

9. Festive Cocktails

Consider making festive cocktails part of your celebration to give your big day some serious holiday flair! Serve up signature drinks like cranberry mimosas, mulled wine, hot buttered rum, or spiced apple martinis – they'll put everyone in good spirits all night long!

To add even more pizzazz, garnish each drink with sugared cranberries or cinnamon sticks so guests can get into the festive spirit as they sip – cheers!

10. Candle-Lit Aisle

If you want your winter wedding magical, why not create a candle-lit aisle? Imagine walking down the aisle with illuminated candles on either side of you. It creates a wonderful, intimate setting and adds an elegant touch to your ceremony.

You can use pillar candles in lanterns or floating candles in glass bowls filled with water for a beautiful effect that will take people's breaths away as they settle down in anticipation of the couple at the end of it.

11. Pine Cones And White Pine Decorations

Another idea is to bring a rustic feel to your winter wedding using pine cones and white pine decorations. Scatter them around the venue, use them as table centerpieces, or incorporate them into floral displays for an outdoors-inspired woodland theme.

For a bit of glitz, spray-paint silver or gold onto some of the cones - this will also upcycle any from elsewhere in your day! Inexpensive but effective – two things every bride wants when planning her Big Day!

12. Red Flowers Wedding Bouquet

Bring romance and warmth to life with an exquisite wedding bouquet of red flowers. For a winter wedding, select red roses – the symbol of passion and love. Combine them with deep burgundy dahlias or vibrant amaryllis for extra drama. Perfect winter blooms!

To add contrast and elegance, consider white calla lilies or ranunculus. As you carry it down the aisle, your fiery bouquet will look sensational against your bridal gown.

13. Jingle Bell Wedding Escort Cards

Inject some holiday spirit into your winter wedding with jingle bell escort cards! Hang tiny bells personalized with guests' names from a festive display. They shake until they hear their table number – in other words, until "the bell rings."

This playful activity is a great way to break the ice at each table while adding a touch of fun to your nuptials. As keepsakes, guests get to take home their bells as wedding favors – lovely reminders of a joyful day filled with love and celebration.

14. Christmas-Inspired Seating Chart

Why not create an eye-catching Christmas-inspired seating plan to make your guests feel like they're walking into a winter wonderland?

Use a vintage sled as the base and add festive ornaments displaying guests' names and table numbers. Try attaching some mini pine garlands or twinkling lights for the extra wow factor.

15. Cosy Chill Out Zones

Give your winter wedding a warm and welcoming vibe by setting up cozy chill-out zones. Think plush seating areas with comfy couches, blankets, and cushions where people can relax away from the dancefloor.

To emphasize that this is a winter wonderland theme, you could incorporate faux fur rugs and twinkling lights – and how about a hot chocolate bar complete with marshmallows and flavored syrups?

Here, people can take little breaks while dancing to soak up the cozy atmosphere of your winter wedding day.

16. Velvet Wedding Suit

Elevate your winter wedding fashion with a plush velvet suit. Opting for this on-trend, sophisticated look will lend an air of luxury to the groom's ensemble.

Think deep burgundy or midnight blue – either shade is utterly timeless in velvet – teamed with a sleek bow tie or perhaps a boutonniere featuring wintery ingredients such as pine cones or berries.

Not only will the texture and richness of the fabric keep him warm, but it'll make him effortlessly cool at your winter wedding.

17. Christmas Red Table Runners

Add festive cheer to winter weddings by considering Christmas red table runners for your big day. These bright and bold additions elevate any reception space instantly.

Picture crisp white linen topped off with rich red runners adorned with sparkling snowflakes or holly designs: they create a cozy feel while staying true to the time of year you're getting hitched.

Whether paired with designer-looking silverware or more rustic mason jar centerpieces, these are basically living proof that something small can pack quite the aesthetic punch at Christmastime.

18. Candle Accents

Create an enchanting wintry wedding atmosphere by using candles as accents. To accomplish this, you'll want to transform your tables into stunning and romantic "candlescapes."

By combining tall candelabras with tiny and delicate tea lights, you can do wonders when it comes to creating an enchanting glow. Fill the room with candlelight in as many different ways as possible to get that cozy winter feel you're after.

19. Hanging Installations

For something just a little bit creative and outside the box for your big day, consider some hanging installations.

Picture snowflake-shaped ornaments suspended from the ceiling with lush greenery and twinkle lights for an unexpected magical touch for your guests or floral arrangements hanging above them during dinner – or even chandeliers!

These wishbone-like shapes not only add dimension but also create natural photo ops during cocktails or dinner if positioned correctly. Think of them like floating flowers over everyone’s heads!

20. Vintage-Inspired Wedding Dress

Step back in time with a wedding dress that boasts old-school elegance and will never go out of favor. Applaud, the intricate lace, dainty embellishments, and traditional silhouettes come from another era.

Maybe your ideal gown is tea-length with pearls and satin trim—it channels Audrey Hepburn or Grace Kelly. Or perhaps you lean earthier and prefer a flowing chiffon number with lace sleeves and a high collar.

Pair it all with heirloom accessories such as gloves or a retro brooch to fully realize your vision. It's not just an outfit—you're wearing tradition!

21. Sparkly Bridesmaid Dresses

Sparkly bridesmaid dresses are perfect for weddings any time of year, but they're particularly fitting for winter weddings! They'll add some magic to your big day while making you feel like you've got glamorous snow queens flanking you day or night!

Choose gowns adorned with sequins or other light-catching accents—they'll create dazzling reflections as your squad glides down the aisle to have fun at the reception!

22. Winter Wedding Ceremony Arch

When it comes to winter weddings, the ceremony arch can make a big statement – and is the focus point for your magical exchange of vows. Embrace the season by adorning with lush greenery, berries, and pine cones for a woodland-inspired look.

To add elegance, incorporate gold or silver ribbons as metallic accents. To capture the enchantment of snowfall, drape delicate white fabric over the arch or hang crystal icicles. When light levels drop later in the day, add fairy lights or candles around it for warmth and coziness.

23. Champagne Tower

Finally, let's move on to a drinks reception essential – the champagne tower. Whether you are having a New Year's Eve wedding or going big and brassy with a 1920s-style Gatsby celebration, what could say "wedding party" more than this?

Imagine glasses glimmering as bubbles cascade down from glass to glass, followed by enthusiastic cheers as guests raise their flutes high. It's certainly one way to make everyone feel merry! So, bottom up and prepare for some serious sparkle!


If you're planning a winter wedding, embrace everything this time of year offers! From beautiful settings covered in fairy lights to atmospheric finishing touches and yummy foodie treats, there are so many ways you can give your big day that warming glow factor.

These ideas will set your celebration apart from all others, be it a champagne tower, winter greenery, or hot chocolate station (or all three!). So wrap up warm, enjoy the romance, and prepare for an enchanting "I do."

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Winter a Good Time to Get Married?

Definitely! Winter weddings can be truly special. They offer a magical atmosphere, money-saving opportunities, and the chance for unforgettable details.

What Is the Winter Wonderland Wedding Theme?

A winter wonderland theme is just as it sounds—inspired by the season itself. It often includes snowy decor, twinkling lights, and silver or icy blue hues to create an enchanted feel.

What Are Winter Wedding Colors?

Popular wedding colors in winter include deep jewel tones like burgundy, emerald green, and navy blue. Soft shades such as blush pink or dusty blue are commonplace if you want something more romantic or ethereal.

Couples hosting a winter wedding might think about providing cozy blankets for guests, candle-lit centerpieces with pine cones or berries, evergreen wreaths or garlands, and fairy lights (aka string lights) to bring warmth to the scene.