Christmas Wedding Ideas for a Perfect Big Day

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Is there anything more romantic than a Christmas wedding? Just imagine all that snow, fire from the chimney, cozy decor, and lots of candles! If you're a fan of winter and decide to marry during that season, you might want to think about having a Christmas wedding! It is the perfect way to transform your big day into a wonderland that everyone else will talk about for years.

If you're interested, keep reading. We've looked into the best Christmas wedding ideas to help you inspire the perfect winter wedding. From elegant to bold, find a Christmas wedding idea that will fit your personality and style. After all, this is the day you want everyone to experience the magic, right?

Short Summary

1. Have a Christmas Wedding Ceremony

Picture this: you're walking down the aisle. Your beloved partner is waiting for you, and behind him is the enormous window that shows a view of mountains covered in snow.

There are thousands of candles to create a cozy atmosphere and blankets for those guests who feel cold. Your Christmas wedding would be the dreamiest wedding of them all.

2. Add Christmas Wedding Decorations

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Depending on the color and the style of your wedding, you might choose from a range of Christmas decorations that can serve as a wedding decoration as well.

Why not put a nutcracker on the table for both an elegant and chic wedding? You can adjust the nutcracker color based on the color you'll use for your wedding decoration.

Or you can fill up the flower vase with fake snow and create a wintery feel inside. There are so many Christmas details that would go great with a winter wedding; the most difficult thing is to choose!

3. Winter Wedding Invitations

The first hint about your wedding that your guests receive is the wedding invitation. What do you want it to communicate? Do you want to add snowflakes, nutcrackers, or a mistletoe? The good news is you can - and all of them.

It's one of the best Christmas wedding ideas that can be shared with other people months before the event. Get them excited for your wedding by showing them a bit of that Christmas wedding magic they'll see!

This might even encourage them to wear festive outfits with more glitter or sparkle, which will go perfectly with your wedding theme!

4. Christmas Wedding Dress Code

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For a true Christmas wedding, ask your guests to dress according to your Christmas wedding dress code! This can mean that your female guests should arrive in red dresses, while male guests would wear red ties or bowties.

If you don't want a dominant color, ask them to wear glitter, sparkle, and glamour! Just imagine how cool the photos from your Christmas wedding party will look with all that glow!

5. Decorate a Christmas Tree

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Maybe you wouldn't think about Christmas trees for your winter wedding, but they are a perfect way to combine the holiday season with your big day!

You can have several Christmas trees across the venue and decorate them in your preferred colors.

Once you decorate them, you will notice that nothing gets people into the holiday spirit so quickly as a Christmas tree! You can even set up a table for kids to create their own ornaments and hang them on the tree.

6. Christmas Wedding Food

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Everything in your wedding can be transformed into a Christmas theme! Think about serving cinnamon cookies shaped like stars or snowflakes, hot rum, and any other foods typical for this holiday season.

This way, your guests will always remember the unique gastronomical experience that you served that day.

The options are limitless, and if you're not sure about Christmas-themed food, you can festively decorate the dessert table and achieve the Christmas wedding that way!

7. Bring Santa Claus

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What is a Christmas without a Santa Clause? You can have him sit around and take photos with kids and adults, or you can have him as a surprise guest for your wedding program.

For instance, you can bring out Santa right after the Christmas dinner to lighten up the room. Imagine the faces of all your guests once they see him walking in and bringing gifts!

8. Christmas Wedding Cake

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A wedding cake is a great way to introduce the Christmas spirit. Everyone's eyes will be on it, so why not add a bit of Christmas decor to your wedding cake?

You can add red berries, pine cones, and mistletoe for a classic, elegant Christmas wedding or one filled with presents, toys, and bows for a more chic and playful wedding.

Make sure your wedding cake has something to do with Christmas if you plan to organize a Christmas wedding because it's the central piece of the entire event, besides the wedding dress.

9. Rustic Christmas Wedding

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If there is one style we all love in the winter, regardless of whether we are organizing a fancy December wedding or a chic one, it's wood! Having a rustic Christmas wedding is perfect for those dreaming of the winter wonderland.

You can decorate the venue with wood and add other rustic elements, such as a gingerbread house, a tiny Christmas market, or any other festive details you like.

For pure magic, don't forget about the fairy lights that will give your rustic Christmas wedding a cozy feeling that we all love.

Not to mention that your guests will feel more comfortable in an environment that reminds them of a typical December day when they're wrapped under their blanket and watching it snow!

10. Christmas Wedding Welcome Sign

Let your guests know they're in for a Christmas treat as soon as they approach the venue. Add mistletoes, a pine cone, candy canes, and sleigh rides to the entrance of your Christmas wedding venue. Make it as festive as you want to!

The same elements can be used for a Christmas wedding reception as well, so why not create a consistent Christmas decor that will take your guests' breath away?

11. Christmas Wedding Signature Cocktail

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Combine the holiday magic with eternal love and create a signature cocktail for your wedding! Think about your favorite drink or cocktail and create your own version of it.

If you want a non-alcoholic drink, you can create your own hot chocolate that can be served to both kids and adults!

12. Christmas Wedding Playlist

If you want to get your guests to the dancefloor and guarantee they'll have a wonderful time, how about playing your favorite Christmas songs at the wedding party?

You can look for a dance version of each song to ensure that everyone understands the holiday spirit of your Christmas wedding!

13. Christmas Bridal Party

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If you want to extend the Christmas spirit to the entire wedding event, not just the wedding ceremony or wedding reception, how about a Christmas bridal party?

Decide on your Christmas colors, combine them with the wedding decor, and add other Christmas details such as a gingerbread house, faux fur, cozy blankets, etc.

It's your wedding day, so think about your favorite Christmas wedding ideas that you'd like to see at your wedding and start thinking about how to combine them into a perfect Christmas wedding!

14. Christmas Bridesmaid Dresses

Besides Christmas wedding decor, there are other ways to combine Christmas with your big day! One of them is Christmas bridesmaid dresses.

Your bridesmaids can bring some Christmas magic with the color of their dresses or by adding glitter to their makeup or outfits.

As your closest girlfriends all look festive and beautiful, your Christmas wedding celebration will feel complete. With beautiful Christmas bridesmaid dresses, your wedding day will be not only your favorite memories but your friends as well.

15. Christmas Wedding Bouquet

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A wedding bouquet is a great way of adding Christmas to your wedding. If you want your outfit to look clean and elegant, you might want to consider flowers as a way to add everyone's favorite holiday to the wedding!

There are various options for a Christmas wedding bouquet, from using winter flowers to adding a pine cone or two!

16. Budget-Friendly Christmas Wedding

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The great thing about a Christmas wedding is that you can do it on a tight budget as well. Christmas-themed weddings are a great way for you to save money.

Even tiny details such as sugar cookies, pine codes, cinnamon sticks, and Christmas lights are all budget-friendly options and are more than enough to make your wedding venue feel more festive.

You can even encourage guests to dress festive and bring your Christmas wedding to another level. That way, you don't have to go overboard with the Christmas wedding ideas and could keep it all budget-friendly.

17. Seating Arrangement on a Christmas Tree

The boards with seating arrangements are plain boring, and they often serve as only an informational point. However, if you put the seating arrangement on your Christmas tree, you're in for a treat. All your guests will have a great time looking for their table.

You can have a big star with the number of a table, and below, add a list of people sitting there. Play with the colors and shapes. You can even add smaller ornaments on the Christmas tree for everyone to take home as a memory from your Christmas wedding!

19. Winter Wonderland Photo Session

Who doesn't love wedding photos, especially if they are on them? Create a winter wonderland photo corner where your guests can come in and take a picture with you or anybody else.

You can add Christmas accessories for a full winter wonderland experience, such as artificial snow, cozy blankets, faux fur, a gingerbread house, and a Christmas tree.

20. Elves Greeting Wedding Guests

For a full Christmas wedding, why not have elves who will greet your guests and help them settle into the magic you've prepared for them? They can be waiting at reception tables, which can be decorated as their little Christmas space. They can even give your guests festive gift bags with hot chocolate, ornaments, etc.

Trust us; this will be one of the best Christmas wedding ideas you could come up with if you want everyone to have a good time at your winter wonderland wedding.

Before You Decide on the Best Christmas Wedding Ideas

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The magic of Christmas is undeniable, but you also want your Christmas wedding to be the perfect day for you and the people who are there to celebrate it with you.

Keep in mind that even the best Christmas wedding ideas will need to fit your wedding vision to make an impression on your guests!

Sometimes, less is more, and you will need to have a clear idea of what you are trying to achieve with a Christmas wedding. To help you choose Christmas wedding ideas that will look great in the end, you will need to keep in mind a few things.

Don't Use All Christmas Wedding Ideas

Don't combine all Christmas wedding ideas in one. Instead, create different stations at your wedding venue. A wedding reception can be different from the dessert table, but only if you know exactly what you're doing.

Be Careful With Colors

If you want to choose one color or a few of them for your wedding, make sure that your Christmas wedding ideas resemble that. For instance, if you want a lot of red, make sure not to add a lot of orange, pink, or purple, as it will probably not look too good.

Your Christmas wedding ideas should be aligned with your chosen color, style, and other preferences.

Create a List of Must-Haves

What is your absolute must-have when going through Christmas wedding ideas? Maybe it's a big Christmas tree or a Christmas wedding attire.

Whatever it is, make sure you're aware of your priorities. This will also help you choose other decorations for the wedding and make sure they look good with the central pieces of your Christmas wedding.

Maximize All Your Ideas

If you want a Santa at your wedding to bring some of that winter wonderland magic, why not have waiters dressed as him while serving drinks during the cocktail hour? Think about how to make the most of all your Christmas wedding ideas.

Another example is the dessert table. If you decorate it in a festive way and add a gingerbread house, it can serve you as a photo corner. Who doesn't want a festive photo with a big gingerbread house and tons of Christmas desserts?


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There are so many Christmas wedding ideas for you to choose from for your big day. Winter weddings are already like a fairytale, so adding a bit of Christmas spirit will make your wedding more unique!

We hope these Christmas wedding ideas served you as an inspiration and could lead to your own wedding ideas that are filled with beautiful Christmas wedding decorations, a wedding cake, a holiday party, and everything else that should be a part of your winter wonderland wedding!

The great thing about Christmas theme is that it works great for a small wedding just as it works for a big one. With these top tips, your Christmas wedding celebration will get everyone in a festive spirit and remind them of the magic Christmas weddings have!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Best Christmas Wedding Ideas?

There are many ways for you to bring a festive Christmas spirit to your wedding day. Create a vision board and start combining different Christmas decoration ideas to see which ones you'd like to see at your wedding. For such a festive wedding, you will want to add as much magic as possible to make it look like your own fairytale.

What Is a Budget-friendly Way to Have a Christmas Wedding?

There are many Christmas decorations that are not expensive, such as lights, candles, blankets, pine cones, candy canes, and others. If you want to save more money, you can ask your family and close friends to borrow their Christmas ornaments and decorations to turn your wedding venue into a festive celebration place.

Is It OK to Have a Christmas Wedding?

Many people wonder if it is typical to have a Christmas-themed wedding. It's not, but that's what is beautiful about it. If you're looking for a wedding idea that is uncommon, it's this one! Of course, you don't have to get married on December 25th to avoid a high cancellation rate. Do an early or late December wedding inspired by Christmas, and your guests will absolutely love it! You can't go wrong with a Christmas-themed wedding in December.